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Vin yards in the Andes in Mendoza’s prestigious Uco Valley


Adventure-moons with your other half

Discover our top five life-changing honeymoon experiences, perfect for couples who have a passion for exploring the world together.

Words by Dylan Grace Essertier

Romance? Adrenalin-rush adventures? You can find all that and more by browsing these into-the-wild honeymoon experiences that stretch from the remote deserts of Patagonia to the Komodo dragon-filled islands of Indonesia. Read on for five life-changing escapes perfect for couples who have a passion for exploring the world together.

1. Get castaway in the Caribbean

riding horseback through the jungle
Aerial shot of a yacht anchored off a tropical beach

When to go: December – April

Where You’ll Go 

The Windward Islands might be known for their idyllic coconut-clad beaches and azure surf, but delve further into this tropical paradise and you’ll discover much more than the chance to laze around — including jungle hikes, off-roading, and paragliding experiences that will delight even the most seasoned adventurers. 

What You’ll Do 

From aboard your charter yacht, you’ll be able to explore the Caribbean’s endless possibilities. Snorkel through coral-fringed atolls, mingle with humpback whales and go fishing for forked tailed snapper and powerful white marlin with an expert fisherman. If you find a fish you like, bring it back to your yacht and our chefs will be happy to cook it for a romantic dinner for two. Onshore, gallop on horseback along the Caribbean’s most pristine beaches and go off-roading through remote stretches of the jungle before cooling off beneath cascading waterfalls. 

What You’ll Learn  

Explore the region’s fascinating culture and customs seen nowhere else in the world by cooking a traditional lunch with one of the last tribes in the Caribbean. For the truly adventurous duo, take your bond to the next level with our unique castaway experience, which involves being left in the wilderness with little more than your expert survival guide who will teach you how to forage for food, build a fire from scratch, and even craft your own handmade getaway raft. 

2. Explore the life aquatic in Indonesia

Aerial view of a remote island
Indonesian aquatic life

When to go: April – October

Where You’ll Go

You’ve heard it all before: the scattering of lush and forested islets, the swirling cerulean surf, the white-sand beaches…Yet nothing quite prepares you for seeing the timeless beauty of Indonesia unfold before your eyes. Bali is always a great choice, but the wildly beautiful, off-the-beaten-path Moyo Island, which is almost untouched by tourism, is someplace you’ll need to see to believe. 

What You’ll Do 

Full of vibrant reefs home to untold numbers of exotic creatures, this area has one of the most biodiverse marine habitats in the world. Your luxury private sailboat will take you from Moyo to some of the most breathtaking and secluded surrounding islands, ensuring an ever-changing underwater adventure of epic proportions. Think: a chance to swim with black-tip reef sharks, snorkel among the bubbling black sand slopes of a volcano ridge, and go diving with manta rays and barracuda. 

What You’ll Learn

On the deserted beaches of Savannah Island, discover how local villagers build their traditional phinisi boats using techniques passed on for generations. On Rinca Island, guided by an expert ranger, don’t miss the opportunity to come face to face with mighty Komodo dragons as well as spotting monkeys, forest pigs, and flying lizards among the jagged hills and emerald fringed mangroves. 

3. Enjoy rugged romance in Oman

Luxury desert camp under the Oman night sky
Buggy gliding in the Oman desert

When to go: October – April 

Where You’ll Go 

Dramatic sandscapes, endless sunshine, and constellation strewn skies are just a few of the reasons why the remote mountains of Oman were made for romance.  

What You’ll Do

Explore the fabled sand dunes of The Empty Quarter, the soaring slopes of Jebel Shams (the highest mountain in Oman), and get an authentic glimpse at Arabian life with a visit to an Omani souk. Sleep under a sky of bright stars at a private luxury-tented camp as you learn the secrets of the desert over a cup or two of Kahwa (Arabic coffee) with your knowledgeable local Bedouin guide. On the Omani coast, spend a few days enjoying the opal blue waters off the Arabian Sea. Get your adrenalin rush swimming with nurse sharks, or keep things calm with a romantic sunset sail. 

What You’ll Learn 

Shop for fragrant spices and sweet dates before teaming up with a local chef to be taught how to cook a traditional Omani meal. Learn about Frankincense while visiting the Empty Quarter, and gaze off into distant galaxies with an expert astrologer from atop the craggy peaks in the spectacularly secluded Al Hajar mountain range. Visit a closed-off nature reserve to track the incredibly rare Arabian leopards before learning to spot their markings with your private conservationist and an expert tracker. 

4. Go off-grid in Greenland

kayak through the ice berg-filled waters
dog sledding through the trees

When to go: May – September 

Where You’ll Go

From its vast stretches of untouched wilderness to its ice-capped fjords, Greenland is best discovered when you have the world’s most knowledgeable experts at your fingertips. With Pelorus, the only hard part will be choosing which jacket to pack. 

What You’ll Do 

From aboard your luxury charter yacht, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a scenic spectrum of vistas, intricate fjords, and coastlines peppered with pastel-coloured homes. Climb in a kayak and glide through the ice berg-filled waters before diving in to make friends with orcas and narwhals. Alternatively, head to land to hop on a 4×4 in search of Musk Ox and Arctic Foxes. Our honeymooners can also go dog-sledding with one of our expert guides, eat lunch on top of a glacier, and spend the night in a remote camp to soak up the great outdoors in full-throttle fashion. For an extra hit of adrenaline, don’t just pursue Greenland’s searingly beautiful pistes—arrange for a heli-skiing experience that will drop you smack-dab on top of the country’s most inaccessible backcountry routes.

What You’ll Learn 

Your expert naturalist will provide you with unlimited wisdom on the freezing yet fascinating marine world beneath your vessel. 

5. Sip and savour in Patagonia

Vineyards in the Andes in Mendoza’s prestigious Uco Valley
romantic meal set up after an evening of horseback riding

When to go: December – March 

Where You’ll Go

Patagonia is a region of soul-stirring terrains. Hiking? Check. Fly fishing? Check. Look to Argentina’s pristine rivers. Ice-trekking? You’ll find that too. You can also sip on rich Chilean reds sourced straight from the country’s clay-rich soils and tuck into fresh-off-the-fire beef cooked up during a traditional Asado (Argentinian barbecue). This adventure honeymoon takes you from the rugged landscapes of Torres del Paine, into the glassine lake district of Bariloche and on to the wine-making region of Mendoza. 

What You’ll Do

Argentina’s Torres del Paine National Park is a paradise of 22,298 hectares of fairytale forests and lakes. Hike, bike, and mountaineer with one of our specialists in search of the elusive Patagonian puma. If you would rather glide along the water, there’s fly fishing with a private guide. Prefer a bird’s eye view? A helicopter tour that takes you to the edge of the glacier can be arranged, too. Back home at your luxury villa, watch the sun go down from your alfresco hot tub with a glass of wine in hand. 

Next, fly north to Bariloche for fishing, rafting, and kayaking. Take a day trip to explore Nahuel Huapi Lake via private motor yacht, where you’ll enjoy a gourmet lunch cooked for you on the shores of a private beach. The next day, saddle up to explore your surroundings by horseback. Come nightfall, enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime chance to sleep in total isolation in a luxury camp while our passionate staff expertly cares for you and your personal astronomer explains the most important stars in the night’s sky.

Round out your trip by sipping the finest wines in the Andes in Mendoza’s prestigious Uco Valley, where the rolling landscapes are as charming as the grapes. Ride horses into the countryside with the wind whipping in your hair, gallop up to Manzano Historico for a tour guided by authentic Argentine gauchos. Stop at the peak for a hearty meal of grilled meats as you inhale the smell of skirt steak, short ribs, and sirloin slowly roasting over the crackling flames.

What You’ll Learn 

In addition to learning about Patagonia’s landscapes, wine and food-obsessed newlyweds will have the chance to take their knowledge of the regions’ gastronomic offerings to the next level with this gourmet getaway. 


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