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Russia Siberia Lake Baikal


A Magical Escape in Siberia’s Ice Kingdom

A mystical world of awe-inspiring beauty and spiritual power, Lake Baikal provides an enchanting hideaway, far removed from civilisation and surrounded by refreshing adventure. During the winter when the lake freezes over, this magical body of water transforms to reveal the purest crystal clear, shimmering ice rink, providing the perfect terrain for a realm of unique experiences.

When to go
From price
£7,000 pp*
Ideal length
5 nights

Arriving by helicopter at the shores of the oldest and deepest lake in the world, take in the immensity of this vast lake, a truly mesmerising sight as deep blue ice stretches across the horizon. Settle into your authentic chalet, furnished to bring you the utmost comfort and warmth after your days in the wilderness. This evening, discover the traditional Russian spa with a steamed bath under the serene night sky, lit by the power of the stars.

Meet your excitable huskies as you prepare to explore the immensity of the lake by dog sled. A charming method of travel, you will form a close relationship with your huskies as they carry you across icy paths and through snow-covered trees. As you travel, keep your eyes out for wildlife, including reindeer, wolves, and if you are lucky, bears. Ending at the shore of Lake Baikal, skate across the untouched frozen surface, carving fresh tracks across the glistening ice. Surrounded by nature and devoid of people, ice-skating on the world’s largest natural ice rink is a truly magical experience.

Begin a survival excursion that will have you learning all the necessary skills for surviving in the wild alongside your leading Pelorus guide who is an expert in how to survive in extreme situations. You will traverse the magical landscape on snowmobiles, gliding across ice to reach a secret spot amid the wilderness. The ability to navigate and traverse this vast land is a critical skill that you will learn during your orientation lessons, becoming familiar with various navigation methods without the conventional modern-day maps and compasses, giving you a sense of what it was like for the original inhabitants of this area.

Learn how to construct a fire in the wild for which you will need to find fuel and perfect the technique. This afternoon, you will ice-fish for your dinner, learn how to cut an ice-hole through the lake’s surface, trying your luck at catching a grayling, pike or perch. This evening on your open fire, a private chef will delight your taste buds with Baikal’s most traditional dish of sagudai, using your fresh catch, alongside a creative array of flavours.

Taking to the skies on board a heli, you will fly over the expansive lake, gaining spectacular views of the endless waters, before landing on the serenely beautiful Olkhon island. Home to local tribes, this unique island is a wonderous place of worship, hosting the renowned Shamanka Rock, one of the nine spiritual treasures of Asia. This sacred site of spiritual power will enrich you with a strong energy that will leave you with an awe-inspiring impression of this magical location. Spend time with the indigenous nations who inhabit this island, learn about their ancient beliefs before experience a performance in their traditional arts including the bizarre yet wonderful throat singing and native dancing.

Frozen Lake Baikal Russia Russian Woman Clearing Snow from Traditional Tent
Frozen Lake Baikal Siberia Russia Russia Horse in the Snow

With exclusive access, Pelorus can arrange for you to embark upon a unique ice-sailing adventure across Lake Baikal’s frozen waters. In specially equipped iceboats, you will glide across the ice, gaining speed as you learn to control your boat against the wind and navigate the vast expanse of ice. Feel the power and size of this enormous body of water open only to you, this is as private as you can get.

End the day soaking in the hidden natural hot springs of Zmeyovaya Bay, the mineral waters are believed to have healing power. Surrounded by towering mountain ranges, snow-capped trees, and crystal-clear ice, this relaxing experience places you in the peace of nature as you soak in the warmth and reflect on your time in this serene, tranquil environment.

* Prices depend on level of experiences and accommodation. This is based on a group of 6 travelling for 5 nights excluding international flights.


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