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PELORUS puts the focus on the experience, designing individual itineraries according to the client’s brief. We work exclusively with a network of industry leaders, who allow us to consider areas and experiences that most travel companies do not give a second thought. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, creativity and due diligence, designing extraordinary experiences for those seeking something truly different. We’ve even won awards for our exceptional, boundary-pushing ideas.



A pelorus was the navigational tool used to maintain the bearing of a sea vessel back in the golden era of travel and discovery – it is responsible for mapping much of the world as we know it today. In a similar vein, PELORUS is on a mission to become the world’s leading experiential travel and yacht expedition specialist.


At Pelorus we wholeheartedly encourage travelling responsibly, promoting and supporting in sustainability efforts and pioneering research across the globe whenever we can. We work closely with specific organisations and charities, which help us gain access to the most unique and biodiverse regions in the world, working alongside them to continue protecting these environments.


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