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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Commitment to Protecting and Preserving Our Planet

In a world facing complex environmental and social challenges, we are driving towards responsible tourism to reverse these trends. As a tour operator with sustainability at its core, Pelorus is at the forefront of educating consumers and promoting sustainable business practices, whilst making trips undeniably memorable. As climate change causes fragility worldwide, it is crucial we all play our part in reducing our global environmental footprint.


As the focus of travel evolves, Pelorus is entering largely undiscovered regions to unearth new habitats and ecosystems. By venturing to lesser-explored corners of the world, we are alleviating the pressures of mass tourism, whilst developing a sustainable approach. To keep up with the advancement of tourism, we are adapting and adhering to best conduct guidelines to protect the environment and its biodiversity.

Pelorus aims to only use suppliers with proven sustainability records. 

Combatting Carbon: Climate Investment Fund

Pelorus Foundation Climate Investment Fund

At Pelorus, we want our travel experiences to leave a positive impact on the planet. However, there is an elephant in the room: with travel, comes significant CO₂ emissions. These emissions come with a responsibility which Pelorus is committed to consciously addressing.

We are excited to launch our new Climate Investment Fund alongside the Pelorus Foundation. Inspired by a desire to take a more hands-on approach to our carbon emissions, maximise our positive impact, and learn more about the projects we invest in, we have created our own diverse carbon removal portfolio.

Our measuring partners

Climate Investment Fund, Greenly

Our project partners

Climate Investment Fund FCOTI Climate Investment Fund, MSRM Climate Investment Fund, Plan Vivo Climate Investment Fund, Running Tide

Sea turtle swimming through rays of sun

A concern for plastic pollution in oceans developed a partnership between Pelorus and Ocean Bottle to support the reduction of plastic bottles destroying marine ecosystems. To encourage a more considerate approach, clients will receive their own bottle and will be discouraged from using plastic throughout their trip. We engage with our suppliers at every stage of the process to ensure that wherever possible, single-use plastics are not used.

Pelorus strives to spread awareness of ocean conservation, actively cleaning up our environment in the destinations we explore.

A conservationist in Kenya with his hound

Pelorus is on the frontline for protecting species and the habitats they depend on. Increasingly, we are designing trips where clients can gain first-hand conservation experiences. Through our charitable arm, the Pelorus Foundation, we are planning to train dozens of Field Rangers to fight wildlife crime in Africa, an issue driving species to extinction. In the Mesoamerican region we will launch patrol boats to positively counteract the destruction caused by overfishing.

The Pelorus Foundation will protect hundreds of square miles of wilderness through a collective dedication towards wildlife conservation.


Pelorus aims to sustainably support the local economy and promote people empowerment by only working with local guides and organisations. As we grow, we seek to employ dozens of people through the Pelorus Foundation, increase local revenue and leave an impact.

Through training rangers and hiring patrol boats, we are generating employment by creating roles to protect some of the world’s wildest regions.

The nature of our experiences integrates people, establishes stronger connections and deepens a cultural understanding. Through operating in culturally sensitive areas, we recognise the importance of positively influencing the communities we encounter.

We inspire our clients to engage with local communities and support projects in our areas of operation. Ultimately, we hope to raise the quality of life for local people through environmental and sustainable education.

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