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Responsible Travel

At Pelorus we thrive to do better, we want to redefine the very essence of travel. Our ethos goes beyond the ordinary, transcending exploration into purposeful experiences that make a lasting impact. As we take you on extraordinary journeys, our Responsible Travel Policy is the compass guiding us towards a brighter future.

1. Sustainable Destinations

  • Work to alleviate the pressures of mass tourism from places that are frequently visited by careful promotion of lesser-explored parts of the world.
  • Prioritise destinations that demonstrate a commitment to environmental conservation, cultural preservation, and community wellbeing.
  • Ensure policy is in place when operating in remote and fragile ecosystems.

2. Sustainable Travel

  • Work to source and promote clean tech travel options.
  • Encourage clients to invest in Sustainable Aviation Fuel.
  • Ensure that emissions from client’s travel are removed via Pelorus Foundation’s Climate Investment Fund.

3. Sustainable Accommodation

  • Assess accommodations sustainability credentials, prioritising those with higher standards.
  • Ensure that estimated emissions from accommodation are removed via Pelorus Foundation’s Climate Investment Fund.
HERO Orangutan Jungle Borneo
Mangrove Planting Conservation beach clean up local kenyan community

4. Water, Waste Reduction and Recycling

  • Encourage the reduction of single-use plastics both in the office and on trips via partnership with Ocean Bottle and Yeti.
  • Ensure that high standards of water conservation, waste reduction and recycling are implemented in the office. 

5. Supporting Local Communities

  • Work to keep things local on experiences, prioritising locally owned businesses to ensure that a significant portion of client’s expenditures directly benefit the local economy.
  • Work to gain transparency from suppliers in terms of where funds are being directed, with the aim of prioritising suppliers which invest the most back into local communities.
  • Promote cultural exchange and uphold highest level of respect for local customs, religion and etiquette, ensuring any cultural experiences offered are ethical and authentic.
  • In collaboration with Pelorus Foundation, work to support communities on the frontline of the climate crisis via targeted donations, exclusive conservation experiences and through the purchase of community focused carbon removal credits.

6. Biodiversity Conservation

  • Support Pelorus Foundation’s conservation work via volunteering days for employees, charity fundraiser events, team fundraisers, in-house and day-to-day support and targeted donations.
  • Create and offer exclusive conservation experiences in collaboration with Pelorus Foundation, raising vital funds for the work of the Foundation, as well as grassroots conservation projects.
  • Work to pair scientists with yachting expeditions to enable vital research to take place in some of the world’s most inaccessible regions whilst educating clients on vital conservation issues.
  • Introduce a 1% Conservation Levy on each trip to be invested in Pelorus Foundation’s conservation projects.
  • Undertake comprehensive due diligence before offering any animal interaction experiences.

7. Education and Awareness

  • Educate clients about the principles of sustainable travel, environmental conservation, and responsible tourism practices.
Proud rural African community where rangers often come from local kenyan children sorting beach waste
vrco e-VTOL polafront

9. Supply Chain Management

  • Work closely with suppliers to ensure a high standard of sustainability and social responsibility is embedded within the whole supply chain.
  • Work to formalise the process to regularly audit suppliers – with the aim to only work with partners who are committed to social and environmental responsibility.

10. Continuous Improvement, Compliance and Accountability

  • Regularly assess sustainability practices, seek feedback from clients and local partners, and make necessary adjustments to enhance impact.
  • Ensure all Pelorus employees adhere to this Responsible Travel Policy and are confident promoting its principles throughout Pelorus’ operations.


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