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Conrad osaka

An extravagant display of modernity, Conrad Osaka is truly an unforgettable resort. Skyline views in every room confront you with a spectacular panoramic view of the city below. Request a west-facing room to spot Osaka Castle in a distant aerial view. Located on the 38th floor, you’ll find the incredible spa and swimming pool which are also set against the backdrop of glittering skyline views. Start your day with a dip in the heated pool as you watch the sun rising on Osaka’s horizon.

The interiors are designed in a contemporary Japanese style (think dark slate colours with flashes of scarlet red), while high-quality finishes have been added at every turn. Cinematic lighting in the guest rooms adds dramatic flair and sophistication to even the quieter parts of your stay.

Situated above the urban metro, the hotel is uniquely placed to explore the city. Transition seamlessly from the luxurious comfort of your chambers to being right at the heart of the buzzing metropole.