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Kenya Giraffe Manor Exterior

This 1930s manor house boasts twelve glorious bedrooms each with interiors reflecting the surrounding landscapes and culture of Kenya with a friendly feel. The rooms vary in size from a family-sized suite to a twin room but each with a spacious en suite bathroom, large four-poster beds, antique furnishings, and striking art décor. Each room is equipped with giraffe food in case you have a visitor at your window. Spacious bathrooms, large patios, and the occasional visit from a curious giraffe, all combine to make this most romantic and memorable holiday destination. The dining experience is rather different unless you’re used to eating with giraffes! Breakfast and lunch are served in the grand chandelier decorated dining room, with huge open glass windows so the giraffes can pop their heads through. The cuisine is modern European with delicious wine pairings, offering fresh fish, pasta, fresh salads, with all produce being sourced locally.

You’ll experience encounters with the world’s tallest mammal to exploring local culture, there’s plenty to keep you entertained during your stay, both within the manor’s grounds and in the local area. Take a trip to Nairobi National Park where you’ll see an array of native wildlife, such as zebras, lions, buffalos, antelopes, leopards, and over 400 species of birds. There is even the option to visit the local wildlife trust and visit orphaned elephants where you can join the rehabilitation programme and join the lifesaving conservation work. However, if relaxation in

the manor house is what you’re after, head to the spa and immerse yourself into a state of complete serenity. Only organic products inspired by ancient African healing traditions are used by staff offering a range of beauty treatments and massages to restore your body’s balance and remove any stress.