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aerial view nay pad hideaway

Winding paths shaded by tall palm trees will lead you to villas which epitomise sustainable luxury. Crafted from local, responsibly sourced materials, the buildings blend seamlessly with their natural surroundings while also providing the highest standards of comfort and sophistication. Rooms are spacious and light, with high palm frond ceilings and large beds surrounded by billowing curtains. Above expansive wooden decking hang large swings with copious cushions on which to relax and soak up the ocean views. The palatial Perlah Villa boasts its own private swimming pool and elevated tree platform – the perfect option for groups or families.

Tucked away in a shady patch of forest, the spa’s six thatched rooves provide a sanctuary of natural treatments and total tranquillity. Clear your mind in this oasis of calm with an indulgent massage, soaked in healing natural oils and the very best organic ingredients. The island’s diverse terrain offers opportunity for all sorts of more active excursions, from extensive water sports and diving, to village visits and traditional cooking classes. The poolside outdoor cinema provides a particularly relaxed and atmospheric evening.