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HERO China Opposite House Seating Bar

Blending elements of Chinese heritage with dramatic contemporary style, The Opposite House, creates an eclectic cultural space, a perfect base for the modern traveller. Located in Taikoo Li Sanlitun, the blend of old and new creating its own personality and a vibrant atmosphere. The rooms are designed in keeping with the rest of the hotel, with distinct colour pairings and a minimal style, providing luxury comfort. With generous proportions, each has huge windows looking over the city and features a huge shower and bathroom separated from the main suite with a screen, giving the studio an open plan layout. Within the hotel there are four restaurants to choose from. For authentic regional favourites from across the Chinese mainland visit Jing Yaa Ting, a one Michelin starred restaurant for the famous Beijing duck as well as other delicacies cooked using the finest ingredients. If in the mood for a more casual yet still exquisite culinary experience, try the Italian at Frasca or for sizzling Szechuan flavours head to Superfly where craft beers from the local brewery refresh the palate.