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a collection of camels in the desert, AlUla, Saudi

Journey through sandstone outcrops and desert expanses, pass forbidding cliffs and striking rock formations, and stumble across an outstanding wilderness oasis. Shaden Resort’s unique position offers a gateway into AlUla and an exclusive base from which to explore the region’s expansive natural offerings. Ride horses and camels through the dunes, embark on 4×4 adventures, and walk ancient trails to uncover more of Saudi Arabi’s fascinating past. Find reassurance in the knowledge you will return to maximum luxury in this remote region.

Featuring lavish accommodation options in a range of styles, choose from exceptional villas, suites, and deluxe tents, each boasting the privacy of an outdoor patio, comfortable beds, and access to the outdoor swimming pool and lounge area. Stroll down the slope to reach the resort’s large restaurant serving an extensive menu of ranging cuisines. As the sun dips below the horizon, marvel as the peachy hues reflect on the surrounding mountains and savour the magical atmosphere by candlelight.