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HERO Bhutan Six Sense Thimphu From Distance

The architecture and design of the spacious lodge reflect the values if Bhutanese culture: simplicity and harmony. The minimal design highlights the scenic views of ancient peaks and the lush river valleys. The rooms are spacious and elegant with natural textiles, including a Naturalmat organic bed and bed linens, with a wood-burning Bukhari stove. In keeping with the Bhutanese ethos that happiness is the core of health, get a taste of this wellness philosophy at the spa and bespoke wellness consultations, so you can leave with a rejuvenated body and mind. Get a taste of the cultural heritage key to the faith of the Bhutanese people, discover a 16th-century monastic school and get a private astrology reading. Finish a day rich in experiences and adventure with seasonally inspired cuisine. A truly delicious journey, with the culinary and mixology teams drawing inspiration from local herbs and plants, with a unique and delicious menu, highlights include the butterfly-pea flower daquiris.