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Hero Snow Leopard Lodge

Perched at the head of the Ulley Valley, Snow Leopard Lodge provides you with the rare and privileged opportunity to track this elusive creature. Situated at a breathtaking 13,000 feet, the lodge commands extensive views over the jagged snow-capped peaks. With your private guides local expertise’s providing you with bespoke explorations, safely navigating this remote landscape where few others venture. Return to the intimate homestay decorated with traditional technicoloured fabrics and ornaments, experience living with an authentic Ladakhi family sharing the large kitchen at the heart of their home. This low stone-built building is nestled amongst the towering mountains, offering you cosy warmth and the simple comforts craved at the end of a day’s excursion in the rugged landscape.

Discover the traditions and culture of the local Buddhist communities and visit monasteries, formerly visited by the Dalai Lama, that hug the stark hillsides. The vast barren landscape of the trans Himalaya is home to many remarkable species. From herds of wild ass, antelope and yak to brown bears, wolves and Himalayan foxes. Your hilltop vantage point giving you views of shore-footed ibex and Urial scrambling high on the sheer rocky outcrops, whilst bearded and Himalayan griffon vultures and golden eagles’ sore amongst the rugged ridgelines. Snow Leopard Lodge offers you a truly unique experience and an unpretentious way of life.



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