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TAPKOP Villa japan

Sitting prettily on the Maruyama hillside within Japan’s Akan-Mashu National Park, TAPKOP Villa offers an exclusive retreat amidst the captivating landscapes of Lake Kussharo and surrounding mountains. ‘Tapkop’, in the indigenous Ainu language, signifies a lively town, and guests can connect with nature through encounters with swans, Yezo deer, and red foxes.

With a vast private space of just over 30,000 square meters, the villa is a haven for relaxation. Through its windows, Mt. Optateshke dominates the view, its ever-changing presence mirrored in the seasonal and weather variations. Inside, TAPKOP’s interiors are inspired by the natural surroundings, reflecting elements like frozen lake ice and snow-draped conifers.

Many come to Japan for the food, and TAPKOP does not disappoint. Meals are served in a separate restaurant, where guests are treated to an exceptional culinary experience using Hokkaido’s finest ingredients. From Chinese porridge with pickled vegetables at breakfast to seasonal stars like Mashu melon, crab and shrimp (eastern Hokkaido is one of Japan’s best fishing regions), you’ll be spoilt with every course.

As well as the cuisine, Japan is famed for its saunas and baths – both of which can be found at TAPKOP. The villa’s sauna exudes the softness and durability of red cedar, enveloping guests in its woody aroma. Inside, distinctive patterns crafted by the Ainu people of Lake Kussharo adorn the walls and invite relaxation. The indoor bath, fuelled by the underground waters of the Kushiro River, features a herb-infused blend of four herbs, while the open-air bath boasts a generously sized miso barrel from Saga Prefecture.

The cold bath, sourced from the headwaters of the Kushiro River, boasts mineral-rich spring water filtered by the nearby tapkop “Maruyama”, maintaining a refreshing temperature range of 10℃ to 12℃. After a day on your feet exploring the surrounding landscape, come back to your villa and luxuriate in this meticulously designed and nature-infused bathing experience.


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