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HERO Antarctica Whichaway Camp Landscape Exterior

Minimally yet elegantly designed with plenty of furs to wrap up in, the sleeping pods are twenty metres wide, providing a wealth of space for two sharing and can also be partitioned for the solo traveller. With a wash area, separate toilet and writing desk, they offer the utmost comfort and space. Made of high-quality fibreglass to keep wind noise at a minimum, the heated domes are a tranquil retreat from the wild, barren landscape outside. Three course meals are prepared by chef Justine, and you will be treated to many delicious dishes, with the opportunity to try unusual and novel flavours, enhanced by the atmosphere of the beautiful communal dining pod. Sip one of the truly unique cocktails from the Snow Bar, made with the purest thousand-year-old ice, whilst relaxing on the observation deck, after a day spent spotting emperor penguins or ice climbing.