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Yacht Experiences


For those seeking to adventure where few have, Greenland is the ideal destination. On a Pelorus yacht expedition here, you will explore dramatic valleys, intricate fjord systems, and colourful, picturesque villages. This stunning land of Arctic pack ice, intense wildlife activity, and intriguing Inuits, is as close to 21st-century exploration as is possible.

When to go:
May – September

Fly into Kangerlussuaq and board a private helicopter heading for Nuuk, where you will meet your yacht. Helicopter ashore for your first afternoon of skiing where you will have a local Greenlandic ski-guide, one of the most knowledgeable in the country, introducing you to the first in a range of exciting ski areas.

Cruise deeper into the Nuuk fjord system, where you will be heli-skiing or heli-boarding in awe-inspiring landscape, untouched by the modern world. Be the first to carve tracks through remote, pristine powder fields and experience the exhilaration of being the only people for miles. You will ski on a terrain of approximately 1,000 metres, with the opportunity to ski from the peak right down to sea level to be collected by tender. Spend the afternoon in Kapisillit learning the thrilling sport of kite skiing. Alternatively, your naturalist guide will take you on a hike up the highest mountain in the fjord system passing rivers, lakes, and craters, and with any luck a couple of arctic hares and foxes.

As your yacht cruises past the Eternity Fjord of Manitsoq, take a tender to shore and head out on a snowshoe hike. Learn about the terrain and wildlife from your naturalist guide as you hike along the fjord in spectacular surroundings. Take an alternative route to pass numerous glaciers or choose to kayak under these impressive peaks. You will also have the option to investigate the 1,000 metre vertical bird cliffs by tender with a local guide. This is the breeding ground for thousands of fulmars, fast birds that can fly at speeds close to 50 kilometres per hour. Witness them soaring in from the open ocean to their nesting site or diving into the water for fish.

Pick Up the Pace

After a morning of skiing in Itivdleq, take to the skies in a helicopter to access previously inaccessible peaks. Enjoy an isolated picnic in the mountains to truly appreciate the immensity of the environment that surrounds you. Guided by your Pelorus host and naturalist, hop into 4×4’s for a Musk Ox safari. Speed across the terrain to get as close as possible to these massive creatures that are often accompanied by Caribou reindeer. The Greenlandic Musk Ox originates from just 27 beasts that were released into the northern tundra in the 1960’s. Today there are over 10,000 herds across the expanse and May is a great month to spot mothers with their calves.

Arise early in Sisimiut and head to the dog kennels for an Inuit dogsledding experience. Feel the rush as your sled dogs speed across the glacier while you admire the magnificent scenery. Learn the driver’s command signs and calls in order to gain your Greenlandic musher’s licence. Sled away from the city to meet a snowmobile contingent where you will be able to race each other across the snow and ice at high speeds for an action-packed afternoon. After an adrenaline-fuelled day, board a helicopter to reach a remote camp set up for an overnight stay.


Camp in the Wilderness

Venture into Greenland’s Ice Sheet at Kangerlussaq where your luxury remote camp sits at the base of a glacier. The expedition tents will be fully furnished with carpets, heaters, and feather pillows. An award-winning chef will be stationed at the camp cooking up local delicacies for a unique culinary experience. Spend the night in the wilderness telling stories and enjoying the total silence that prevails. Pelorus can also provide a local Inuit band and games for a livelier evening. Isolated from modern electrical conveniences and the buzzing of city lights, this is an extraordinary opportunity to witness the Aurora Borealis amid the darkness.

Accompanied by an expert naturalist, kayak through the icy waters of Disko Bay before diving in to swim with orcas and narwhals for an incredibly personal insight into the freezing yet fascinating marine world beneath. Learn about their behavioural patterns and their chosen habitats in this incredible encounter. Board a local vessel at Saqqaq to go deep sea fishing for cod and cold-water catfish. Fishing is a large part of the way of life here, dating back generations. Learn the history of the practice and later, dine on your catch, expertly prepared by the onboard chef.


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