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The PELORUS Agency takes brands, institutions and executives on pioneering journeys to achieve unique goals. We produce positively disruptive engagement, experiential and retention programmes, helping companies to bond with employees, reward ambassadors and talk to new audiences. We are proud to partner with the world’s most innovative brands.

Our passion for exploring the world’s remote regions is furthered by our international network of specialists. Working with this exclusive blackbook, we design itineraries that start with the experience, often proposing locations and concepts previously unconsidered. Pelorus will activate your brand values, guidelines and key messaging with unprecedented results, maintaining experiential synergy throughout.


Corporate Experiences
Our knowledge of remote locations and ability to operate comfortably in challenging environments allows us to create bold, innovative experiences in bucket-list terrains. Our network of grass-root contacts ensures that these experiences are authentic to their native home turf, anywhere in the world.

Here we align our passion for the discovery of awe-inspiring adventures with decades of specialist knowledge, to curate life-changing incentives across for you and your team. Your journey will be designed to redefine boundaries. Whether through curated teamwork, creative leadership or newly owned skillsets: PELORUS will expand your horizons.

Insight & Product Development
Our unique position in the industry allows us to consult on, or design experiential products, to add engaging value. Our expertise converts passive participants into brand ambassadors.


Contact our team of agency travel experts today to start planning a brand adventure like no other, email agency@pelorusx.com for more information.


Climb the world’s biggest trees

Grand touring through the Swiss Alps

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