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Brand Activations & Experiences

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We curate ultra-bespoke travel experiences to the most untouched parts of the world as well as creating and managing global events for the world’s top brands, agencies, and companies. The thoughtful curation of experiences with an experiential travel expert delivers high-end, unique experiences, and transformational moments designed to boost education and deliver corporate experiences that challenge groups at another level. These incorporate wellness and entertainment experiences personalised for the needs of the client. We are continually adding creative experiences and bringing experiential learning to the great outdoor excursions. 

Innovative and adventurous experiences tailored to your brand goals, PELORUS produce ‘Journeys’ to unexpected locations and previously unconsidered frameworks in which to launch, create and lead.

We design elemental adventures that challenge, inspire and invigorate. Working with a trusted network of psychologists, survival specialists, therapists, spiritual practitioners and life coaches, we develop journeys of self-discovery to some of the wildest places on the planet. There are no phones, no laptops, no connectivity. Nature provides the backdrop for every experience, whether navigating by the stars, building a camp for the night, foraging for food or learning to fish with poisonous roots and hunt with blowpipes. The aim of these experiences is to bring meaningful, lasting change to the lives of participants.

For more information, contact us or write to us at agency@pelorusx.com.

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