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Penguins on Rocks in Antarctica



Be amongst a very fortunate few who have experienced Antarctica by superyacht, enabling access to otherwise inaccessible regions of this frozen continent, with onboard assets such as helicopters and submersibles to get you closer to the action.

When to book: 12 – 6 months in advance
When to go: December – February


If you want to discover Antarctica without compromising on luxury, comfort, service or privacy, a superyacht charter is the only way to do it. There are a number of luxury cruise companies and land-based camps in the region, but a private yacht charter offers a truly exclusive and completely personalised way to experience the White Desert. In addition, superyachts carry an array of expedition tenders and water toys so you can gain access those hard-to-reach inlets, bays, and icebergs. View a selection of superyachts available to charter in Antarctica here.


Every Pelorus Antarctic yacht expedition is entirely tailored to each individual client so no two itineraries will look the same, and with changeable weather conditions in Antarctica, visitors should be prepared for some spontaneity which, in our opinion, only adds to the genuine explorative nature of the experience. The following activities offer just a glimpse of what is possible on a Pelorus curated Antarctica yacht charter. 

  • Kayak or paddle board through the icy waters and cruise close to enormous icebergs that dwarf your superyacht

  • Together with world class naturalists, visit sea lion colonies on land and learn about their habits and society

  • Jump on your yachts’ tenders with your guides and look out for minke, humpback and orca whales, just three of the eight possible species that inhabit these cruising grounds

  • Explore an old British Research Station and meet scientists at one of the active research bases to learn about their ground-breaking work

  • Go underwater in a submersible to experience a whole new perspective – spot shipwrecks and marvel at the incredible scale of Antarctica’s icebergs 

  • Take a helicopter to an emperor penguin colony and get close to the masses – given how few people have ever been here, they are totally unphased by the presence of humans

  • Climb ice cliffs, explore glaciers, and abseil into a giant crevasse. We can design routes that will have never been done before

  • Brave the cold with a ‘polar plunge’, before warming up in the geothermic shallows of a hidden island

  • Sip sundowners at the peak of mountains and on top of thousand-year-old glaciers, drinking in the silence and ‘midnight sun’

  • Go ski touring with some of the most experienced guides in the world, always with your safety as paramount in this changeable terrain

  • Work with conservationists and naturalists on an array of research projects, from wildlife observation and tagging to studying the microscopic contents of the ice 
Helicopter in Antarctica Pelorus Antarctica Ship Wreck
Seal in Antarctica Penguin Looking at the Camera in Antarctica


The permitting process for an Antarctic private yacht expedition can take up to 6 months. With the ideal time to visit falling between December and February, you should begin your booking process by June at the very latest. However, a growing demand for luxury yacht charter in the region means that vessels can book up well in advance of this so the earlier you contact us the better.


At Pelorus, we draw on our extensive expertise in designing land and sea-based experiences in remote locations and challenging environments. We have a dedicated Yacht Expeditions department run by a team with vast experience on board yachts and in the yachting sector. We work closely with the yachts’ captains to understand the limitations of the vessel in order to execute an experiential yachting holiday that is safe, seamless, completely unique.

As members of IAATO (International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators), Pelorus are licensed to operate in Antarctica and are committed to protecting and respecting the region’s fragile ecosystem. We only work with expedition leaders, guides, naturalists, and ice pilots whose qualifications fully comply with IAATO regulations and our Antarctic yacht expeditions always adhere to IAATO legal requirements such as not disturbing wildlife, allowing no more than 100 visitors ashore and ensuring activities have only a minor or transitory impact on the environment.

With conservation and ecotourism at the heart of what we do, Pelorus also supports carbon offsetting through our partners at The World Land Trust and can assist in making your Antarctic yacht expedition fully carbon neutral. 

If you want to take your Antarctic yacht adventure to the next level, Pelorus can curate an expedition that combines scientific research, conservation, and luxury yachting in a whole new way. We can connect you with scientists looking to carry out important research in Antarctica, making your yacht charter not only a spectacular holiday, but a worthwhile conservation or research trip.