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Pelorus in the Press

Authority Magazine

Read Pelorus co-founder Jimmy’s interview with Savio P. Clemente for Authority Magazine on How To Create A Travel Experience That Keeps People Coming Back For More. 

April 2022

How does Pelorus stand out as extraordinary in the world of travel? Jimmy spoke with Savio P. Clemente at Authority Magazine about his journey to establishing Pelorus and some of his highlights so far, as well as his vision for the future of Pelorus.

Jimmy in the Alps

“Our unique selling point has always been our experience-led travel, we really get under the skin of what our clients want to achieve and how they live their lives. We then build each trip to suit them specifically. We don’t concentrate on the location because specific locations limit what you can do, we instead begin thinking about the experiences our clients want to have.”

Jimmy Carroll
Pelorus Co-Founder & Business Development Director

“A great example of that is an experience we planned for a client in India, her passion was horse riding, so we took her to the outback in Rajasthan. There was no infrastructure in place, so we built Maharaja style tents with ensuite bathrooms and four poster beds in the middle of the outback. By doing that, we were able to give her the best riding experience possible in remote Rajasthan. We took experience directly from our military logistics and planning backgrounds and used a military planning document to execute the project precisely to build something incredibly unique for the client.”

“Travel has traditionally been location-led. Once you take a step back and approach the trip from an experience-led point of view, you’re able to deliver what the client really wants in an itinerary. Emerging from the other side of the pandemic, people have realized that there’s so much more of the world to go and explore, moving away from more traditional holiday styles. People are also keen to see more remote parts of the world, to get away from the masses and the crowds. We really market ourselves as being able to offer the most unique and most remote experiences for our clients.”


The five most important points for creating travel experiences that keep people coming back for more?

  • Time to plan properly, enabling us to work with local experts on the ground to design your trip to the highest standard
  • Getting to know our clients well 
  • Gaining a detailed understanding of what our clients want to experience and get out of their trip 
  • Helping our clients to make truly unforgettable memories, the most invaluable thing one can gain
  • Being part of the mission to create travel experiences with a force for good
Jimmy in Alaska

“We are firm believers that we are only custodians of this world for future generations, which means we need to act now. We need to travel with purpose, clients are now asking us, how can we leave a positive impact on the places we visit?

It’s exciting because we now have an opportunity, through travel, to affect change and really educate our clients, showing them, through their own experiences, what needs to be done from both a conservation and humanitarian point.” 

Jimmy Carroll
Pelorus Co-Founder & Business Development Director

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