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Helicopter dropping off guests at sun rise


Best Heli-Skiing In The World

Heli-skiing is the ultimate experience for the powder-hungry skier who prefers the unbeaten track and the unexpected twists that come with it. The best and most unique locations in the world offer untold wonders from descending active volcanoes to being flown to untouched peaks of the Antarctic.

Heli-Skiing In Kamchatka, Russia

When to go: March – May

Where to stay: Private lodge

One of the most dramatic and iconic skiing destinations on earth, the Kamchatka Peninsula is famous for its untouched slopes, fuming volcanos and awe-inspiring scenery. Admire the grandeur of the surrounding peaks before descending the mountain to meet the sea where your Mi-8 Heli awaits, to transport you to your next virgin slope. You will spend your days on fresh snow-capped mountains, carving perfect tracks in complete seclusion. Each day you will be dropped off in a novel location, spoilt for choice, as you descend volcanos and rugged mountains in an other-worldly experience.

The scope for heli-skiing in Kamchatka’s unique terrain is vast and with 29 of the 200 volcanoes active, the greatest concentration of active volcanoes in the world, this is the perfect opportunity to be among the fortunate few who have actually skied around a live volcano. 

Heli skiing in Kamchatka, Russia
a group standing next to a fuming volcano

Heli Skiing The Inaccessible Antarctica 

When to go: May – August

Where to stay: Whichaway Camp

Easily the most challenging of heli-skiing destinations on our list, the White Dessert is famous for its virgin powder snow, mountainous terrain and astounding wildlife. With constantly changing geography, skiers can access untouched slopes and peaks, as well as the opportunity for first ascents and descents in this unchartered territory. Heli-skiing in the Antarctic is full of adventure from skiing besides penguin colonies to summiting some of the tallest Transantarctic Mountains, before gliding down and flying to the next. 

Heli-skiing in Antarctica
Skiing in Antarctica

Heli-Skiing in Northern Iceland

When to go: February – June

Where to stay: Deplar Farm, Troll Peninsula

With exclusive use of Deplar Farm, you will have unparalleled access to the Tröllaskagi Peninsula – easily the best heli-skiing destination in Europe. Where the mountains meet the coast and North Atlantic Ocean, begin at the summit and head towards the deep blue as you soak in the salty air, with runs ending right on the beach.

The surreal atmosphere of this Nordic paradise is one to savour. Isolated from civilisation and with endless steep and mellow terrain to explore, there are few places in the world that can offer the luxury of private skiing beside its sweeping valleys, striking fjords and glacial rivers. Iceland offers soft valleys for less experienced skiers and near-vertical descents for those looking for a real adrenaline-fuelled challenge. Afterwards, evenings will be spent relaxing in Deplar’s naturally heated geothermic pools, before a delectable dinner with wine perfectly paired from the cellar.

Iceland Heli-Skiing
Iceland Heli-Skiing Peak