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Sea meets towering dunes in Socotra

Pelorus in the Press

BOAT International

Mission Impossible: Yachting in the World’s Most Dangerous Destinations. One of which is Socotra, a yachting destination Pelorus are excited about.

Feb 2021

We are excited to see co-founder Geordie’s thoughts on yachting in Socotra by Sam Fortescue in Boat International’s feature, ‘Yachting in the World’s Most Dangerous Destinations’ as he shines a light on dangerous travel zones which are now great destinations for the adventurous superyacht expedition.

Although part of Yemen, “Socotra has not seen conflict on its shores [and] the level of marine traffic passing makes it a perfect potential yachting destination, one that we are really excited about. The area is much more stable now. We work with partners such as Veritas to ensure we have the correct level of information and security at all times.” Geordie Mackay-Lewis

Socotra is an island off the notorious Horn of Africa that “offers the tenacious traveller astonishing flora and fauna found nowhere else on earth” which is safe and well-worth travelling too.

a natural fresh water pool formed in the rock Pelorus founder Geordie holding an exotic fish
Intricate branch formation An up close photo of a local from Socotra