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Pelorus in the Press


Pelorus In Conversation With Kathryn Romeyn: Get Every Detail Right With Two Ex-Military Men Planning Your Dream Honeymoon Adventure

Jul 2021

Brides travel and wellness contributor Kathryn Romeyn has just released her interview with cofounders Geordie Mackay-Lewis and Jimmy Carroll on why their military experience makes them the perfect pair to plan your honeymoon. 

“A honeymoon should excite, inspire, and offer a couple the chance to discover new and exciting experiences together. At Pelorus we believe that when planning a trip, we should put the focus on these experiences before the destination, with each trip crafted using our military-inspired process to create exceptional ideas that challenge and inspire but are planned to the finite detail and match the couple’s brief.”

Gain insight into what experiences Pelorus can design for your ideal honeymoon, whether that includes a romantic dinner in the jungle temples of Indochina or flying to the top of mountains via helicopter with a bottle of Champagne, theres unforgettable memories at every turn. 

“We created a luxury camp on a deserted island in the lake district of Bariloche, with a Michelin-starred chef. Followed by a treasure hunt around the island with hidden surprises and romantic gestures. After they finished paddle boarding to a secluded beach, we picked them up in a helicopter with kayaks strapped to the side and took them to a glacial lake high up in the mountains where they kayaked between icebergs and were some of the first people to ever do so. We then set up a gin tasting directly off the ice.”

Private luxury dinner with sunset on the beach Waterfall in Jungle
Helicopter flying over Antartica ice caps and sea Tender on blue sea in Papua New Guinea