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California Tree Climbing


Climb the World’s Biggest Trees in California

On a once-in-a-lifetime tree climbing experience in California, you’ll join a team conducting research in the most beautiful and ecologically significant forests in the world, with permits to scale giant sequoias and coast redwoods in order to study how these magnificent trees grow and respond to climate change.

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Your adventure will be assisted by your expert leader who is one of the most respected forest ecologists in the field, whose findings have been published internationally, leading to a greater understanding of how science can be used to help conserve forest ecosystems into the future. Reaching the canopies of these mighty trees, which can be in excess of 300ft tall, requires advanced rope-climbing skills, and all participants will be vetted to ensure they are not only able to keep up with the pace but be of value to the scientists.

Once in the canopies, the views across the forest are simply astounding – you will be genuinely lost for words, and feel a deep connection to nature as you appreciate the immensity of these organisms. Given the right conditions, climbers will spend the night in the trees, setting up portaledge platforms – this is usually done when collecting samples in the night, to provide contrasting data from the daytime. Climbers will wake up at 3 am and scale the trunks once more, this time under a starry sky – there aren’t many people in the world who are able to say they’ve been privy to such an exclusive and unique experience.

Research programmes vary depending on the time of year, however, there are options to get involved with an initiative all year round. As ever, each enquiry will be treated on an individual basis and we will work with the lead ecologist to present the various options available for the time of year and the research he is working towards. We will also create an experience that features days on either side of your adventure, with the addition of a day’s training – if needed – before heading deep into the forest. It is also vital that all participants fully appreciate the fragility of these old-growth ecosystems.


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