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Captains and Crew

What we can do for Captains and crew


Whether we are engaged by a client, broker, owner or captain, a priority for us at PELORUS is that the captain and crew know that their best interests are taken into consideration. Any cruise plan we make with our resident master mariner and yacht team will also be sent to the captain to review and confirm he is happy with it before it is finalised with the client.

As former crew members and long-time yachting industry experts, we will make sure we speak to the captain as a priority. We will take into account their preferences regarding cruising as well as speaking to the chief stew and chief officer, to make sure we take the crew’s skills and rest time into account. We won’t be asking you to do a remote beach set up at the same time as preparing the vessel for a change of guests, provisioning and providing an afternoon of water sports unless we have the local support to take the pressure off and allow the crew to do what they do best!

In addition to these very basic considerations, we also offer help and support with the following.


PELORUS can take care of all the necessary permits for expeditions, and organise the visa process for guests and crew, easing the load onboard when introducing a new yacht and crew to a region. Whether it is booking visa appointments for the crew or navigating the complexities for permitting for restricted or military areas, PELORUS will provide on shore support and free up the crew’s time onboard to focus on the smooth running of the vessel.

Working with experts we will ensure we have designed the most authentic itinerary and included the most exciting experiences and opportunities in the safest way. These include diving experts, ice pilots, local guides, naturalists, expedition leaders and anthropologists.

PELORUS works with captains to plan the best cruising routes for each project. In addition, we create one to two-year cruising plans for vessels, ensuring that clients are fully prepared for the long-term, and taking advantage of the best possible opportunities in each region. For those vessels that join our membership programme, we provide year-round shore support in itineraries, as well as marketing the charter vessels to our unique set of clients, always with the experiences and locations as their priority.


Cloudbreak in Antarctica, © Chris Scholey

PELORUS can facilitate Polar Code training for crews venturing into polar regions. We have also sent Captains and Chief Officers to Antarctica and other regions ahead of their vessel to become experienced in ice pilotage and weather shelters, with a long-term result of minimising the additional personnel required by area regulations.

PELORUS has a unique network of support vessels around the world to ensure clients’ privacy or enable greater numbers of support staff for an expedition.


The support vessel Hodor, © Clint Jenkins

Our clients want to do more and see more than many. The PELORUS worldwide network of helicopters and seaplanes ensures we can provide this in previously less used areas. Whether the vessel has a helipad or not, we remain up to date with regulations around the world and can provide heli operations training to inexperienced crew.

Yachting is a world in which anything can happen. To take into account the myriad factors involved in yachting, we have set up a membership programme that should help mitigate costs and provide a measure of security for your vessel in that you can be assured you will be provided with continuous support no matter the changes in your schedule. Each itinerary we prepare is unique and tailored to the vessel and your guests. Should you suddenly find yourself in a shipyard, you can rest assured that the work done will remain yours and in your PELORUS account.


If you would like to talk more about what we can do for Captains and Crew, we would love to hear from you. Please contact elise@pelorusx.com.

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