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Man of the world

We meet Peter Bellerby, the founder of artisan globemakers Bellerby & Co

Behind the lens: Kirstin Vang

Born and raised on the Faroe Islands, Kirstin captures the untamed beauty of this wild archipelago

Trout of Africa

The waters within Mount Kenya National Park offer a fly fishing experience like no other

Ski and sail in the Arctic Circle

A week on-board Firebird in wild and beautiful Norwegian surroundings

Behind the lens: Finn Beales

On the humbling power of landscapes and why it’s important to remain open to new experiences

PELORUS video showreel

A taste of what to expect from PELORUS in 2018: adventures and expeditions within all seven continents

Climbing with Kenton Cool

The legendary climber explains what draws him back to the mountains time and time again

Night skiing in British Columbia

For those looking to take their skiing to the next level, PELORUS has just the answer: a world-exclusive opportunity

Skye is the limit

A homage to sky-running in the dramatic surrounds of the Scottish Highlands

Blue Marine Foundation

The charity at the forefront of allowing fish stocks to recover and ecosystems to thrive