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Five years of Pelorus

Celebrating Five Years of Pelorus

This November, Pelorus celebrates its fifth anniversary. We take a look back at the last five years of extraordinary travel and yachting experiences, the launch of Pelorus Foundation, and an award-winning, trailblazing team.

Pelorus was launched by former British Army captains Geordie Mackay-Lewis and Jimmy Carroll, with a mission to create pioneering travel, yachting and brand experiences that seek to transform our perspective of the world and our impact on the planet.

Over the last five years, the Pelorus team has more than tripled in size with team members in the UK, US, Monaco, South Africa, and the Middle East. We are all experts in our field and first and foremost, passionate travellers with a desire to shake up the traditional travel and yachting industry, shape travel as a force for good and support local communities around the world. 

Read on for some of the team’s most memorable moments and standout experiences they’ve planned in the last five years.


One trip that stands out was a luxury yacht expedition to the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea, aboard SURI. From meeting local tribes and learning about their lives to diving among plane wreckages from the Second World War, opportunities in this pacific rim are endless.

Pelorus Solomon Islands Papua New Guinea

“This family wanted to go to the ends of the earth and find a lost world. What made this trip exceptional was the use of a luxury yacht, helicopter flights into the Highlands, finding spectacular sinkholes to drop down and swim in. Mixing that with tribal experiences was just spectacular. The client worked with us because of our ethos at Pelorus: to deliver pioneering experiences.”

Jimmy Carroll
Co-founder and Business Development Director
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Travel Bucket List Heli-skiing in Antarctica

“We’re proud to be paving the way in pioneering heli-ski yacht expeditions in Antarctica. We took two families with young children to Antarctica last winter. Aboard luxury yacht LEGEND, this was a multi-vessel, dual-heli operation which enabled us to make first descents, as well as support and facilitate crucial conservation work in Antarctica. Truly life-changing and we’re proud to be making this inaccessible part of the planet accessible for families and travellers of all ages.”

Geordie Mackay-Lewis
Co-Founder and CEO
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As well as exploring the South Pacific, French Polynesia and Fiji, and broadening the horizons of luxury yachting to beyond the traditional realms (we’ve operated in Svalbard, Greenland, the Red Sea, and Central America, to name but a few destinations), our Head of Yachting, Elise, shared that she is particularly proud of opening the Red Sea to yachting expeditions and expectations. “We asked, why can’t people travel to these places in safety and comfort? The yacht industry said it’s not possible, so we worked hard alongside experts on the ground and with sustainable travel as our priority to put these places on the map”.

“From beginning by having to introduce Pelorus to the industry to being recognised as a voice of authority in the expedition field, meeting captains and owners who already understand what we do and how we do it differently”.


Kayaking in the bay of Henningsvaer, Arctic. Summer Escapes Europe

“From the travel side, I’m proud of our team for delivering some fantastic experiences across the globe. From a month-long trip all over Australia to see the total solar eclipse, to a royal extravaganza through the UK during the Platinum Jubilee, and a Norwegian epic active adventure in the far north.” 

Scott Maucher
Travel Sales Manager
Solomon Islands Papua New Guinea heli on beach

“One client took his family around the world on a six-month sabbatical, which was spectacular. An entirely immersive and educational experience for the whole family, ensuring they got to the heart of each and every destination: nothing was surface-level.”

Geordie Mackay-Lewis
Co-Founder and CEO

We’ve also planned some standout honeymoons in Papua New Guinea and Komodo National Park, as well as Patagonia, where the clients took a helicopter up to a glacial lake for a picnic in unforgettable surroundings, in complete and utter seclusion. 

From tribal experiences deep in the Omo Valley in Ethiopia and the Pacific Islands around Papua New Guinea, to epic treasure hunts across Namibia using camels, tribes, planes, quad bikes, and on foot using riddles to find clues across the country, Pelorus experiences have never been short of incredible.

Born in late 2020, Pelorus Foundation is an independent, UK-registered charity which seeks to protect, preserve and promote at-risk wildlife and environments by identifying and supporting high impact operators across the planet.

Three Off Peaks

“Since joining the Pelorus Foundation team, my highlights have been launching the Climate Investment Fund, which actively helps Pelorus take responsibility with a hands-on approach to carbon emissions and seeks to enforce positive change. Also, joining up with Venetia, Bella and Jonny from the Pelorus team to raise money for the Foundation on our Three Off-Peaks Challenge.”

Marketing and Sustainability Executive
Team Finishing with Flares in English Harbour, Antigua

Co-Founder Jimmy also rowed 3,000 miles across the Atlantic in a 28ft rowing boat to raise money for Pelorus Foundation.

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In five years, we have pioneered RV road trips in the US, facilitated luxury in the heart of rural Alaska and Canada, and developed life-changing, action-packed experiences in Northern Norway.

But we also dream big, daring to go much further than other travel companies could even imagine. From fully immersive experiences with real-life ex-special unit veterans – putting your mental, emotional and physical fortitude to the challenge – in ‘The Game‘, to creating luxury treasure hunts for yacht expeditions, complete with an expert team of passionate storytellers, actors, screenwriters, prop makers, and former Hollywood producers.

Geordie waterfall Indonesia Lana in Lofoten Islands
Antonia, Pelorus Travel Designer diving Pelorus and Oceanco teams at Monaco GP Superyacht NFTs

As we look forward to the next five years, we’re excited to continue building world-class experiences in some of the world’s most off-the-beaten-track locations, and continuing to develop on brilliant collaborations already achieved with valued partners around the world, from VistaJet to Oceanco and Bank of America. 

After welcoming Gayle Patterson as our Director of Yachting, this year marks the beginning of a new chapter for Pelorus: expanding our yacht offering into the charter industry. As the only Central Agent present in both the yacht and travel sectors, coupled with our membership to IAATO and AECO, Pelorus will be able to market yachts to adventure seekers worldwide and offer a number of additional services


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