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Chile Mountains Desert landscape


Chile: a Realm of Adventure and Fruitful Terrain

Chile is an enormously vast country, stretching the length of 4,270km, with an ever-changing terrain and an extensive variety of experiences. A landscape of striking contrasts, from the arid Atacama Desert, to the crashing waves of the coast, rolling vineyards, snow-capped mountains and crystal-clear lagoons, there lies a world of adventure to discover.

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10 nights

Your journey begins in the north of Chile, where lies the driest non-polar region in the world; the Atacama Desert. A remarkable otherworldly sight, this wonderful desert boasts stunning geological formations and ancient culture to explore. Set out on a thrilling mountain bike excursion across some of the most arid and secluded regions of the desert, retracing old routes formed by the ancient citizens of this area. Discover the varied landscapes including the Valley of Mars, the Cordillera de la Sal and Rainbow Valley. Trek through the rugged mountains of Moon Valley, an unearthly landscape made up dunes, caverns and shark peaks which remarkably resemble the surface of the moon. This is a spectacular place to enjoy the Chilean sunset due to the astonishing sight created as the sun sinks behind the horizon.

Discover the delectable wine valleys of Chile with an abundance of fertile and ancient vineyards. Chilean wine production dates back to the 16th century, and to this day, remains thriving. Ride on horseback through rolling hills and luscious landscapes in the Maule Valley, following the heritage wine trail and visiting several family-owned, vineyards where you learn the unique characteristics of Chilean wine and its precise production methods. Chile boasts a variety of grape including cabernet sauvignon, carménère, pinot noir, sauvignon blanc and chardonnay. Whatever your preference, your wine specialists will ensure you sample the finest wines on offer in complete exclusivity. Step back in time to spend the night in a 19th century hacienda, combining authenticity with luxury, this is an intimate and distinct experience.

Leave the desert and vineyards behind, trading them instead for the dramatic Andes Mountains as you prepare for a thrilling heli-skiing excursion. Fly above the soaring Andes, land upon untouched peaks and carve fresh tracks into the pristine snow. In this exclusive experience, your expert Pelorus guide will ensure access to some of Chile’s best skiing experiences, surrounded by pure wilderness and sensational vistas of the mountains.

From the mountains to the coast, trade skiing for surfing as you fly by heli to Pichilemu on Chile’s Pacific Coast. A world-class surfing spot with unfailing surf breaks, uncrowded beaches and a strong swell, this is the perfect spot to surf, kiteboard and windsurf. More than just a surfing town, take a break from the waves to discover the enchanting combination of countryside, jungle, ocean and colonial architecture. Savour the mouth-watering flavours of fresh seafood over dinner under the stars on the candlelit beach, surrounded by the peaceful sounds of the waves. 

Off the Pacific Coast of Chile, lies the remote and unknown island of Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island and famed for its distinctive moai statues. Steeped in mystery and authenticity, Rapa Nui holds its own unique culture, language and spirit that is unlike anywhere else in Chile. This exotic island boasts a wonderful underwater world with abundant dive sights and excellent surfing.

Chile’s Lake District is an area characterised by vast lakes, fast-flowing rivers and towering volcanos, the perfect playground for outdoor adventure. Embark upon a testing white-water rafting excursion, as you race over level 3-4 rapids, zigzagging through stunning valleys and challenging gullies. With numerous runs and copious rapids, your adrenaline will reach new heights as you crash through the waves, using your power to stay afloat. 

Hidden Lagoon in Chile Easter Island Sunrise
Hidden Lagoon Mountains Chille Chile Mountains Heli Flight Aerial

Trek through the Andes mountains to reach the Quillehue Lagoon, located at the foot of Lanin Volcano, where you will have the opportunity to see the majestic araucaria trees, also known as monkey puzzle trees. Encounter the Mapuche community who base their traditions around nature and have values deeply connected with ‘Mother Earth.’ Visit their homes, constructed out of the land and natural resources, and spend time with these enchanting locals as they teach you about their unique way of life.

Take a scenic heli flight across the immense lakes and volcanoes, landing in a hidden lagoon for an incredible paddle boarding experience. With the whole lagoon to yourselves, paddle out onto the calm water and explore the pristine perimeter. Surrounded only by the sounds of nature, this is a truly serene experience.

* Prices depend on level of experiences and accommodation. This is based on 4 adults travelling for 10 nights excluding international flights.


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