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Yacht Experiences

Rugged Coastlines and Regattas in New England

From the distinguished yachting capital of Newport to the stunning and rugged regions of Maine, New England offers an abundance of diverse landscapes just waiting to be explored. As you journey you will enjoy historic museums, astonishing wildlife, and delicious fresh seafood.

When to go:
July – September


Begin your journey on the stunning coast of Maine. A landscape of wide-open spaces, deep woods, and vibrant coastline, Maine Is the perfect place to begin your New England adventure. When you arrive your luggage will be taken to your waiting vessel while you enjoy a thrilling white water rafting experience down the Kennebec River. This river is the perfect balance of adrenaline-pumping rapids and relaxed floats down mirror-still rivers. Stop on a riverside beach and enjoy a delicious wild lunch over a fresh barbecue.

Return to your vessel in the evening for a relaxing dinner on board. Arise early for a journey through the glistening waterways of North Woods. Surrounded by dense forest and historic mountains that form the Appalachian trail. As you gently paddle through the waters you may see trout jumping, beavers at work, otters swimming, black bears, and of course the majestic Maine moose.

Having worked up an appetite, head out to sea on a traditional lobster boat with local fishermen who have worked these waters for years. Here you will help the fishermen haul in their traps and you will be able to enjoy some of the fruits of your labour on the dock during a delicious sea-to-table meal.

Explore the stunning edges of Arcadia National Park on one of your vessel’s tenders. From the sea, you can witness the abundance of stunning natural habitats that the park Is home to. From wooded trails and marshy grasslands to soaring rock formations and jagged cliffs, there are few places in the world as diverse and beautiful. Find osprey, bald eagles, and puffins that soar high above the park and nest on the open cliffs.

Stop on one of the largest uninhabited islands on the East Coast. Marshall Island is a 985-acre island maintained by the Maine Coast Heritage Trust. Be dropped off and embark on a hike across it along some of the 10 miles of trails that criss-cross the island. Take in views of rocky coves, wooded paths, and glistening waters as you hike. Reach a secluded beach where a wild meal will be ready and waiting for you prepared by your yacht crew.  


Sail the course of the Castine Classic Yacht Race – part of three days of regattas/ This takes place In Penobscot Bay, an inlet in the Gulf of Maine. Replete with coastal Islands, stunning harbours, and rugged cliffs, the bay offers the absolute best of Maine yachting. This classic racecourse will take you on a 20-mile course across the Bay from Castine to Camden in a thrilling chase that involves sophisticated navigation and stunning natural surroundings.


Having cruised south overnight, wake up on the coast of Portland, Maine. Spend a day with an expert local chef who can showcase the natural delicacies that Maine has in abundance. Find and pick porcini, chanterelle, and morel mushrooms. Harvest abundant beach greens on the shore before hopping in a boat to harvest a variety of seaweed species. Finish your foraging experience finding and collecting mussels and clams.

Once collected, your expert chef and foraging guide will show you how best to prepare your bounty washing and prepping it before cooking it over an open fire on the sand. Eating your delicious and fresh meal on the beach is the perfect way to truly appreciate the natural abundance that Maine has to offer.


Wake up off the coast of the unique and diverse yachting destination, Cape Cod. Enjoy breakfast on the deck of your vessel and keep your eyes open for whales that dance playfully in the waves here. Head out in a tender and cast a line into the water to see what you can pull In. Take your fresh catch back to your waiting vessel where your onboard chef will prepare and cook it for you to perfection. Some of the fish you might pull in include Blue Fin Tuna, Flounder, Mackerel, and Striped Bass.

Head on shore and explore the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, a not-for-profit organisation that is the world leader in oceanographic research. Learn about the Important research being done here and even get the chance to get part in a project. 

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Sail some of the challenging courses of the Nantucket Race Week or the Opera House Cup held off the coast of Nantucket. These races are some of the most prestigious and exhilarating regattas in place In New England. Drawing sailors in from all around the world. Being in this area at the same time as these regattas are underway is the perfect way to meet inspiring people, getting to know them over a refreshing drink and some fresh oysters.

Or try your hand at sailing the course of the nearby Vineyard Cup. Featuring over 100 yachts and a full slate of races over three days, this event has quickly become New England’s premier regattas fit for a number of different classes of boats and contestants.

After a day of navigating the complex course, spend a day in the natural splendour of Nantucket. Swim in the Sound, hike through the carefully conserved island and try your hand at windsurfing and paddleboarding off the coast.


Finish your New England experience in the stunning Hamptons. Visit the Shinnecock Reservation and cultural centre. Nestled in the heart of The Hamptons, the reservation belongs to a 1,000 plus Native American Shinnecock population and it is an ideal place to learn about Shinnecock culture, crafts, and history.

In the afternoon, visit one of the most beautiful and extensive vineyards in the Hamptons. The vineyard offers a huge selection of award-winning vintages. Take a walking tour through the vines before enjoying private wine tasting paired with delicious cheeses.

Spend a day on one of The Hamptons’ long white sandy beaches and learn to surf in the region’s consistent waves. Whether you are looking to learn to kiteboard, windsurf, stand up paddleboard, or simply surf the waves, there is no shortage of watersports to keep you busy on these stunning and expansive beaches. Keep yourself energised and fuelled with a wild picnic lunch organised by your onboard crew. From the Hamptons, you will make your way west to New York where you can begin your journey home. 


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