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HERO Colourful streets of Cuba


Colour and Culture in Cuba

Cuba is an intriguing and alluring country, famous for its colourful architecture, 1950s cars and rhythmic music. A country somewhat frozen in time, exploring Cuba will be a treat for both the eyes and the mind. One of the remnants of the of real socialism in the world, Cuba preserves plenty of practices and imagery from the past decades.

When to go
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$8,000 pp*
Ideal length
5 nights

Begin your journey in the fascinating and audacious capital, Havana, where you will discover the vast history and vibrant culture as you cruise through the city in one Havana’s famous 1950s vintage cars. Travel through the streets of the charming Old Town with their enchanting architecture, cruise along the Malecon coast and explore the past in Havana’s Revolutionary Square.

By night, Havana’s spectacular scene comes to life with music, dancing and drinking. Delight in a private rum and cigar tasting, as you learn about the flavours of Cuba’s biggest exports. Have dinner at restaurant Grados where your private chef Raulito will chat with you as he cooks, sharing signature childhood recipes and stories of the past. After dinner, immerse yourselves in the rhythm of the rumba as you are treated to an exuberant performance from some of Havana’s best musicians and dancers in this traditional form of self-expression, combining blends of African dances with Spanish melodies.

Leaving Havana behind, head eastwards to explore the mountains and the coast. Finca la Lima lies in the Escambray Mountains, a region characterised by distinctive steep peaks, deep valleys, exuberant vegetation and an array of fantastic endemic species, all of which remain relatively unexplored. Horse ride through the mountains, riding through the shimmering rivers, until you arrive at a remote waterfall for a refreshing swim and a taste of local fresh fruit.

Continue your journey to reach the enchanting city of Trinidad, home to multi-coloured pastel houses, perfectly preserved Colonial buildings and a maze of cobble stoned alleys. Head down to the coast to relax upon the pristine and peaceful beach, before sailing out to sea to visit the small fishing island of Caslida. Snorkel around the island amongst colourful coral reefs before delighting in freshly prepared seafood.

Old Fashioned Cars in Cuba under palm trees Woman Smoking a Cigar in Cuba
Cuba White Sand Beach and DriftWood Cuba Old Town Streets

To the west of Havana, lies the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Viñales Valley, encircled by mountains and dramatic rocky outcrops. Cycle through the Viñales Valley, following the dirt road paths through rural farms. The fertile valley is the perfect place for cultivating crops and tobacco production which is one of the main occupations of this area. Take a tour of a local tobacco plantation, where traditional methods of agriculture are still used with ploughing oxen. Visit the drying houses and learn the production process as you roll your own Cuban cigar.

You will end your ride at Los Aquaticos, a tranquil haven inside the mountains of Viñales, where only a small number of residents remain. Los Aquaticos translates as ‘water people’, reflecting the belief of the medicinal and healing properties of the water. Learn about this intriguing cultural value whilst witnessing the beautiful expanding landscape stretching below you.

* Prices depend on level of experiences and accommodation. This is based on 2 adults travelling for 5 nights excluding international flights.