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Pelorus in the Press

Condè Nast Traveller

Next Generation Wanderers Changing How We See The Planet

October 2019

Recently Condè Nast Traveller released a curated list of next-generation travel experts.

Those fixers and inspirational fixers and guides changing how we see the planet. We were thrilled to see Co-Founder Geordie Mackay-Lewis featured as the go-to ‘off-the-map’ specialist.

Geordie Mackay-Lewis in Kazak Ariel of Suri Solomon Islands
Diving Geordie Eritrea Eritrea Fishing Boat Pelorus

”Area of expertise: hard-to-find locations from Africa to Papua New Guinea, and private-yacht charters.

There seems to be a particular breed of former British Army soldier taking Avengers Assemble-style skill sets into new theatres of action. Mackay-Lewis and Jimmy Carroll both served with reconnaisance units in Afghanistan, then embarked on solo adventures before starting Pelorus in 2017.

Mackay-Lewis now recces destinations such as Angola and Eritrea’s Dahlak archipelago (for his next holiday, he’s off to scout out Kazakhstan), sizing them up for risk and smart-travel logistics, and talking to bush pilots and mobile-camp outfits.

Recent commissions include a mother-and-son Blue Planet-style trip to the Solomons, and heli-kayaking-and-gin-tasting in a glacial Patagonian lagoon. But it’s their expertise with yachts that really sets Pelorus apart. ‘True experiential travel is finding the best experiences, then working out how guests can get there,’ says Mackay-Lewis. ‘Using yachts is flipping the whole model on its head.’”


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