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Pelorus Coronavirus Strategy

We take pride in our military precision planning, due-diligence and client safety. And now, more than ever it’s crucial to ensure safe and worry-free travel for anyone travelling with Pelorus.

To advise us on how to do so, Pelorus has appointed a consultant Infection Prevention & Control Advisor. Dr Helen Evans has numerous years’ experience in the provision of high-quality infection, prevention and control services across the United Kingdom. Read more about Dr Helen on our meet the team page.



Transmission of Covid-19 

The transmission of Covid-19 is thought to occur mainly through respiratory droplets generated by coughing and sneezing, and through contact with contaminated surfaces. The predominant modes of transmission appear to be droplet and contact. This is consistent with a recent review of modes of transmission of Covid-19 by the World Health Organisation.


Protocols and Processes

Given the ever-changing situation with this Pandemic, this guidance and information must be only be used in conjunction with national guidance and advice from the home countries of the organisation’s customers – as well as teams involved in all aspects of destination countries.


Infection Prevention & Control Precautions 

IPC precautions are the standard measures undertaken to reduce the risk of transmission of infectious agents (bacteria, viruses, funguses etc.) from both recognised and unrecognised sources. Sources include blood and other body fluids, secretions and excretions (excluding sweat), non-intact skin and mucous membranes, and any contaminated equipment that comes in to contact.


Screening of Clients and Team for Coronavirus (Covid-19) 

To protect customers, Pelorus is committed to ensuring that national guidance is followed reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

To achieve this we screen all our clients, teams and third party partners before and during our experiences. This screening involves the follow key elements:

  • Screening the day before leaving.
  • Screening on the day of travel.
  • Screening of members of the travel party (customers and team) during the trip.
  • Screening of third-party partners during the trip.


Travel Insurance 

All members of the team and customers must ensure that they have adequate travel insurance to cover healthcare requirements related to Covid-19 and medical evacuation if required.


Social Distancing 

Consideration must be given to reducing physical contact as much as possible. Shaking hands should be discouraged and the social distancing requirements of the host country adhered to.


Hand Hygiene 

Hand hygiene is the single most important process in the prevention of spread of infections.

Consideration must be given as to how high standards of hand hygiene will be maintained when travelling. This may be undertaken by ensuring adequate provision of hand sanitizer when hand washing facilitates are not available. Hand sanitizer must be alcohol based and have more than 60% alcohol content to be effective. Hand towels should not be shared. Therefore, supply of single-use disposable paper towel may be considered as back up.


Respiratory & Coughing Hygiene 

Respiratory hygiene must be encouraged throughout the trip. All should be encouraged to minimise potential spread of Covid-19 transmission through good respiratory hygiene measures.


Facemasks and Coverings 

A supply of facemasks or coverings should be available to ensure that all members of the group comply with national and international requirements with regard to covering the mouth and nose. Particular note must be taken of requirements for wearing these items while travelling, especially on charter flights or trains.



Good and effective cleaning is the key to reducing the risk of spread of Covid-19 from contaminated surfaces. Coughing or sneezing on to surfaces may contaminate them with Covid-19. Likewise, the virus may be spread from the hands of people with the infection, whether or not they are showing symptoms.

There must be scrupulous attention paid to the cleaning of shared items. In most cases, a good standard of cleaning using detergent and water is sufficient along with allowing surfaces of items or equipment to dry before reuse. Loos and bathroom areas may be cleaned with a bathroom cleaner containing a mixture of detergent and disinfectant. Again, leaving surfaces to dry before re-use.

If a member of the party becomes ill with confirmed or suspected Covid-19 during the trip, cleaning of items and surfaces they have come in to contact with must be undertaken. For specific or specialised equipment, manufacturers guidance must be checked prior to cleaning to ensure that detergents and disinfectants will not damage the item. For some items the use of an alcohol-based wipe is acceptable.


Assurance from Third-Party Partners 

It is important that assurance is gained and documented on the processes used by third party partners to ensure that they are following national standards and guidance on Covid-19 precautions. This will include assurance on the following.

  • Cleaning processes
  • Staff screening
  • Catering
  • Personal Protective Equipment Use
  • Facemasks and coverings
  • Exclusion of staff who are suspected or confirmed as having Covid-19 infection
  • Maintenance of social distancing

This assurance must be provided by pilots, drivers and guides as well as providers of accommodation, transport and other services.


Blood Tests and Antibody Testing

As yet, there is still very little information regarding immunity from Covid-19 infection. Tests for the disease are not 100% accurate and many testing centers are seeing significant rates of false negative results. Likewise, while people may give a verbal history of having Covid-19 infection or have positive antibody tests, this does not mean definitively that they have immunity or that they cannot be re-infected.

Importantly, anyone who has had the infection or has positive antibodies may continue to spread the disease on hands or items of equipment after touching them. Therefore, this guidance is for all participants of Pelorus travel experiences regardless of previous infection or possible immunity.

Please contact info@pelorusx.com if you’d like to speak to our team further our policy.

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