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south africa shangaan dancers


In recognising the importance of cultural exchange wherever we venture, Pelorus hopes to inspire you to spend precious time amongst unique, local communities

In an era of not only sustainable, but regenerative travel, people are becoming increasingly conscious about their footprint. Promising to make experiences more mindful, this new travel movement is hugely encouraging for our planet, its ecosystems, wild species, and local communities.

With social responsibility a crucial element of any Pelorus experience, we make sure we positively benefit the communities we encounter. Joining us for a cultural experience means so much more than simply meeting the locals; we enable a full immersion into their culture, traditions, and sometimes their homes. Through this exclusive insight, we hope to raise awareness and enhance an understanding of local communities, most of which largely depend on tourism for their existence.

With conservation at the heart of everything we do, it is crucial to ensure these projects are creating a positive social impact also. The generation of employment and income is key, and from this stems a significant improvement to local livelihoods. Pelorus can therefore leave destinations with the knowledge we have made a difference to the lives of local communities.

Whether it’s Kazakh nomads, Namibian bushmen or the Guna people of Panama, we are able to build special relationships in some of the world’s most remote corners.


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