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Colombia Cowboy horse riding


Culture in Colombia

Virtually untouched by tourism, Colombia is a fascinating country boasting beaches on the Caribbean Sea, the stunning Andes mountains region and the legendary Amazon rainforest, making it the second most biodiverse country in the world. This varied terrain is a fruitful ground for amazing outdoor adventures and culturally captivating experiences.

When to go:
January – March, July – September

In the north of Colombia, lies some of the most diverse terrains in the country. Here, mountain, coast and desert converge to form the highest coastal mountain range in the world. Take to the skies and soar over the northern slopes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range by helicopter for an exclusive aerial view of the renowned ‘Lost City’. Landing in a secluded section of the tundra ecosystem, visit the indigenous Kogui community, where Pelorus has gained exclusive access to this remote tribe. Take part in a humbling cultural exchange with this pre-Colombian society, who are highly attuned to their natural environment and have preserved their traditions and beliefs for over 500 years.

Take a helicopter to the most northern point of the entire continent where desert sand dunes meet the ocean, providing an impressive and unusual contrast, the most exclusive location to learn to kiteboard and windsurf. 

Head south to the Los Llanos region, characterised by wetlands, rivers and lush forests, home to an extensive array of rare mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. Awake in your luxury eco-camp, nestled amongst the natural landscape, to the roaring sound of horses’ hooves as the Llaneros cowboys gather outside your tent. Set out on your own horses alongside these traditional cowboys to learn the epic Llaneros traditions, maintained since the 1800s. Riding barefoot, and singing their work chants, the Llaneros will teach you how to use a traditional lasso to corral cattle and capture anaconda.

Trek through the jungle alongside expert conservationists, following tracks to search for the illusive puma. By night, set out on foot to discover the nocturnal wildlife, before, delighting in a bonfire dinner under the remarkably clear night sky.

Explore the charming colonial town of Barichara, trek along the ancient path, built by the Spanish colonizers, as you learn about the vast history of culture of this secluded valley.

Embark upon an adrenaline fuelled adventure in the Chicamocha Canyon, one of the most striking natural landforms in the world. Paraglide over this imposing valley, providing sensational views of this immense gorge before landing 2,000 meters below at the bottom of the canyon. Meeting the river, climb aboard your awaiting raft as you tackle the thrilling level four rapids, sailing through the canyon, revealing vistas that cannot be reached by land.

Journey to the coast for an intimate experience with one of the world’s biggest concentrations of humpback whales. On this incredible speedboat excursion, you will watch whales in their natural habitat under the leadership of an expert Pelorus guide, who will coordinate a route for you to ensure the best chances of seeing these majestic creatures.