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a collection of camels in the desert, AlUla, Saudi

Pelorus in the Press


Departures’s spring edition, featuring the opening of Al Ula and the unique opportunity to experience it from the air with Pelorus.

April 2021

We are thrilled to have been approached by Departure’s Nicola Chilton following the grand reveal of Al Ula’s hidden heritage to modern-day explorers, focussing on the opportunities we present for an epic adventure. 

‘Deep within the Saudi Arabian desert, a vast landscape of awe-inspiring ruins is finally ready for its international close-up.’ 

“These are exciting times. We want to be amongst the first people there to create exciting itineraries that no one else is going to be thinking of.” – Geordie Mackay Lewis

‘The best way to appreciate the scale of Al Ula on both a manmade and natural level is from the air. The elements have carved the sandstone into improbable shapes, and the effects are breath-taking.’

Plans are already in the pipeline to take people further afield, to discover the areas few have seen from unusual perspectives and in exciting ways, with heli-biking and heli-hiking amongst ideas.

Helicopter, Al Ula, Saudi Arabia Drive through the desert with desert buggies
Habitas Pool, Al Ula, Saudi Arabia Camel Tour, Al Ula, Saudi Arabia


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