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Helicopter landing in Antarctica Antarctic yacht expedition


Antarctica is known for its breath-taking scenery, diverse wildlife and scientific discovery – all waiting to be unearthed in a luxury yacht expedition.

Venture into the deep waters in a submersible before visiting areas home to penguin breeding colonies to discover how they thrive. Catch a glimpse of humpbacks and orcas from your yacht before skiing down heavily glaciated mountains above fjords stubbed with icebergs.

Heli into the mountains to watch the sun set in a part of the world that so few have seen before. Explore old whaling stations, go in search of shipwrecks and discover what life is like for those who live at Antarctic research stations permanently.

The Pelorus team are pioneers in creating bespoke luxury Antarctica expeditions, using our network of experts to design your private yacht charter alongside unique experiences.  

Heli-ski to the ends of the earth

Travel Bucket List Helicopter in Antarctica yacht expedition Heli-skiing

Make tracks in unchartered territory, discovering pristine slopes and untouched wilderness at its greatest. Pelorus’ Antarctic yacht expeditions secure access to two helicopters, enabling epic heli-skiing further inland. Ski mountains that have never been skied before in a truly exhilarating experience, alongside experienced mountain guides who will show you the ropes. A videographer will also accompany you to bring back evidence of your action-packed adventure that you will treasure forever.

Plunge to the underwater world in a submersible

UBOAT Worx C submersible, credit Karin Brussaard

It’s true that Antarctica is breath-taking enough above water. However, submersibles enable you to plunge to the ocean depths below to see what is hiding beneath the icy waters of the frozen continent. Discover the fascinating marine life in this part of the world, spy historical shipwrecks, and marvel at the scale of the icebergs as you discover the depths of the ocean alongside experts. 

Kayak beside enormous glaciers and icebergs

Kayaking in Antarctica

Exploring Antarctic waters by kayak enables you to see crevasses and glaciers from a different perspective than from onboard your yacht. Soak in complete silence and serenity in a part of the world with virtually zero noise pollution. Clear waters, impressive glaciers, and a unique perspective on Antarctica’s impressive range of wildlife – from whales swimming in nearby waters to large colonies of penguins. 

Encounter rare wildlife and contribute to scientific research

Whale in Antarctica

Antarctica is home to multiple species of penguin, leopard and crabeater seals, humpback and orca whales, Antarctic terns, and varying species of albatross. On a Pelorus yacht expedition, encounter these animals at a safe and respectable distance, alongside scientists and conservationists who are carrying out crucial research on wildlife in the area. 

Conservation at the core

Pelorus is privileged to be operating in largely undiscovered regions such as Antarctica. With every private yacht expedition, we make sure that we are adhering to sustainable travel, working within the boundaries of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) and alongside leading experts in their field.

In addition to this, our clients have the privilege of becoming ambassadors for Antarctica, growing in awareness and understanding of the climate crisis and the need for conservation.

As part of your trip, you’ll be accompanied by leading conservationists and scientists, not only enabling you to witness and participate in global research efforts, but you’ll also be giving the scientists the means to carry out their research.

Hear from Dr. Mercedes Santos, a biologist who accompanied recent Pelorus clients on their Antarctic expedition.

Antarctica landscapes


If you’d prefer to have two feet on the ground, there’s no stopping you visiting Antarctica. Explore the icy desert and marvel at the savage beauty of Antarctica and its incredible wildlife. Stay in luxury camps in the heart of the wilderness.

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Whichaway Camp in Antarctica


Embark on an otherworldly experience and stay at Whichaway Camp, one of the only luxury destinations on the world’s southernmost continent.

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echo camp Antarctica

Combining an ultra-luxury experience with a once in a lifetime adventure, Echo Camp fuses space and exploration. Designed for seasoned travellers who are looking for something different, this is as close as it comes to visiting another planet without leaving earth.

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