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Luxury Guatemala Holidays

Home to volcanoes, rainforests, and ancient Mayan sites, Guatemala’s diverse and extraordinary landscapes is truly captivating. With a civilisation spanning centuries, crumbling archaeological monuments and pyramids litter the country, surrounded by lush tropical rainforests.

Unearth the vibrant colonial architecture that can be found in many cities, including the old capital Antigua. Alternatively, relax in this jungle paradise or fill your days with adrenaline-fueled actives with renowned white-water rafting, breathtaking volcanic hikes, paragliding, scuba diving, or treetop ziplines.

With only 2% of its landmass urbanised natural wonders are in abundance with high volcanic ridgelines, crater lakes, and caves. Stretching between the Caribbean Sea and Pacifica Ocean, explore both of these magical coastlines and all that sit between.