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Peru festival cusco

Luxury Peru Holidays

From ancient Incan remnants, arid desert, striking Andean peaks, thriving jungle and immense lakes, Peru is an astonishing country of contrasts.

Discover Lima, a hub of museums, temples, and coastal surfing opportunities. Head further out to sea and observe the largest concentration of penguins, Peruvians boobies, and sea lions.

Explore the Paracas desert in ATV buggies and discover ancient geoglyphs and lines engraved in the desert sands by the Nasca people.

Discover the famous heart of the Incan empire and explore Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.

Journey to the Peruvian Amazon and explore the luscious jungle on foot and witness unique and intriguing wildlife including 540 bird species, monkeys, sloths, capybara, and snakes.