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Algarve Cliffs of Portugal


Steeped in history, Portugal and the Azores Islands are known for their exquisite wine producing regions, boho-chic beach hangouts serving up world-class Mediterranean cuisine, namely seafood, and traditional whitewashed quintas rivalling elegant eco villas showcasing the epitome of modern luxury.

The Atlantic coast ensures world class breaks for those seeking an adrenaline-fuelled adventure, whilst the sprawling olive groves, pine forests, undulating vineyards and rustic farmyards effortlessly encompasses the Mediterranean charm, making this a beautiful destination for a romantic escape or family adventure.

Birthed from volcanoes, precious atolls of black lava emerging from the depths of the mid-Atlantic became the remote island paradise of the Azores Islands; a picture perfect paradise where you will experience countless variety. From talcum powdered beaches to rainforest smothered hills, this archipelago is sometimes referred to as the Hawaii of Europe.

Wildly different, not only is this archipelago known for its surf scene which rivals that of Hawaii, adventurous hiking trails to pristine crater lakes and world-renowned diving sites where you will share the water with dolphins and whales, it is a cultural hotspot recognised for their artistic flair and traditional architecture. Following a new wave of eco-travel washing up on their shores, this is the first archipelago to obtain the EarthCheck certification for sustainability, focussing their efforts on conserving both the natural and human heritage which completes the Azores.