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Sudan Desert Hero Destination

Luxury Sudan Holidays

A country of unexplored wonders, traverse the golden desert to the place where two Niles become one, discover ancient pyramids of godlike kings and dive beneath the surface of the thriving Red Sea in this unique and fascinating land.

Cruise towards the central Sudanese atolls, meet a local fisherman and go game fishing for grouper, yellowfin tuna and coral trout before enjoying your catch for dinner.

Guided by a world class dive master and conservationist, dive deep into pristine waters to discover a plethora of marine species, unique wrecks and vast coral reefs which tell ancient stories of pirates.

Experience Sudan’s former port city, Suakin. Climb its crumbling walls, venture deep into the ruins and learn the history of this abandoned trading and exploration hub.

Explore Sudan’s deep south where a wealth of superb snorkeling and diving opportunities await. Kitesurf between tiny islets or grab the chance to support protection efforts for endangered marine life.