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Northern lights, Luxury Sweden Holidays

Luxury Sweden Holidays

Covered with lakes, freshwater streams, and snow-capped mountains. Sweden is a fresh, wildlife-watching luxury holiday full of Nordic adventure.

Wander the Swedish capital’s Royal Palace, Cathedral twisting alleyways and 200-year old windmill that sits side-by-side with nature and a tranquil archipelago.

Take a boat to Gotland, the largest of Sweden’s islands surrounded by crystal waters and sand beaches. Discover the island’s fascinating Viking history complete with stone-age skeletons and crumbling medieval churches.

Explore the island’s only town, Visby, labelled the best-preserved trading town in northern Europe.

Fly to Swedish Lapland and witness the midnight sun or dancing northern lights. Explore the snowy wilderness of Sweden in a dog sled and get the chance to meet the Sami people from whom you can learn about their traditions and culture.

Top Experiences In Sweden