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autumn landscape in Wales, Luxury United Kingdom Ireland Holidays

Luxury United Kingdom & Ireland Holidays

The United Kingdom has squeezed an unusual amount of charm into a particularly small island. As a blend of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, it is not short of extraordinary history, vibrant cultures and fabulous landscapes. Home to the Pelorus HQ, we believe the United Kingdom to be an intriguing destination for luxury holidays worth experiencing outside of your usual realms.

Be it, recreating the best of Bond’s experiences in the highland wilderness, mountain-survival skills and a spot of fishing and shooting on private estates in Ireland, to sailing the picturesque southeast coastline or the rugged wilderness of northern Scotland. Or, maybe hiking Yorkshire’s pleasant pastures and exploring the nooks and crannies of quaint villages resisting the march of the modern world, to delving into the exquisite cuisine of elegant country house hotels and gazing over the Atlantic Coast and ancient castle walls.

Either way, Britain’s varied topography and natural beauty makes embarking on a quintessential tour with Pelorus a joy in unveiling more adventure than you believed possible.

Top Experiences in the UK & Ireland


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