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Discover Big Island’s Wild Side

Created by volcanic activity and home to some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, Hawaii is the perfect destination for adventure. Go far beyond the comfort of the beachfront resorts on this specially curated guided journey, where you will be taken to all four corners of Big Island – venturing far from the crowds out to sea and high in the air as you surf, free dive, fly, zipline and trek your way to the heart of the island.

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7 nights

Hawaii is a tropical paradise, offering unrivalled beauty and thrilling adventure. While best known for its beautiful beaches and oceanfront resorts, it certainly also has a wild edge, making it one of the best places to visit for adventure-seekers. As soon as you arrive you’re met by fresh, floral air and welcoming locals, before beginning your discovery of Big Island’s hidden waterfalls, lush jungles, and warm tropical waters teeming with marine life.

From a base at the newly opened Kona Village on Big Island, you will be guided by legendary big wave surfer and expert spearfisherman, Mark Healey, in an adventure unlike any other as you uncover the island’s natural diversity through an array of thrilling experiences.


Arguably one of Hawaii’s biggest draws is the water, so you can expect a tailored itinerary packed full of water-based activities that will see you exploring these magical waters.

First, take to the ocean as you enjoy pelagic dives looking for pilot whales, humpbacks, sharks and dolphins in Kona, or go spearfishing in the crystal-clear waters accompanied by expert marine guides.

Then, set sail on a traditional Hawaiian outrigger canoe as you cross to another island for a serious adventure. Not for the faint-hearted, you’ll be exposed to all the elements here before being whisked back to Kona in a helicopter. For those who want to give back during their stay, head out with researchers for a shark tagging day where you’ll help researchers put tags on sharks to get migration data.

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hawaii hawaii


With a helicopter at your disposal throughout your trip, take full advantage of this and gain access to some of Big Island’s most remote and incredible areas. Fly to an area of land with a giant waterfall below the sea cliffs on the North side of the island where you will forage for lunch, picking wild watercress and fruits and collecting freshwater prawns and opihi (a type of limpet). This incredible place is only accessible by air or sea when the weather is calm, so you can be guaranteed complete seclusion.

To see the island in another light, soar above Volcanoes National Park to witness the lava flow at night, ending your day on a truly spectacular note.


Get to the heart of of Big Island as you trek through the jungle of North Kohala and fly through the air on a course of zip lines that will send you high above deep valleys, towering forests and cascading waterfalls, with uninterrupted views over the ocean. Or, tour a native re-forestation area around 7,000 ft high before staying at a mountain-top cabin overnight. Contrasting to sea level, it gets cold at these heights and if there’s snow there may be the chance to ski or snowboard.

After this epic experience, head back to Kona Village for a night of well-deserved rest before beginning your journey back home.

Mark Healey is an intrepid big wave surfer, free diver, spearfisherman, conservationist, skydiver, bow hunter, yoga practitioner, photographer and filmmaker. He has devoted his life to the sea and in doing so, has become one of the world’s foremost professional watermen. At home in Hawaii, Mark has committed himself to living a sustainable lifestyle, usually spearfishing or bow hunting for the protein portion of his meal. Everything else is grown organically in his garden.

Mark Healey


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