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Exploring the Italian Dolomites in a post-lockdown world

We caught up with our co-founder to find out more about the incredible Italian dolomites and what its like travelling post-lockdown.

Remote Summer Escapes to Europe

Explore Europe this summer with expert Pelorus guides who can show you the unseen wonders of the continent away from the bustling crowds with unique access to some of the most secluded places to stay.

Pelorus Announces Covid-19 Travel Advisor

Pelorus announces a new Consultant Infection Prevention & Control Advisor.


We’ve joined forces with ‘glamping’ pioneers, Camp Kerala. Combining the very best of adventure travel, with hedonistic hospitality to boot.

Yachting Through an Expert Lens: East Africa

Head of PELORUS Yacht Expeditions, Elise Ciappara, talks about how she would spend three weeks at sea.

Founders’ Note: The Continued Growth of the Explorer Yacht Trend

The growth of the explorer yacht trend looks set to continue as people seek to escape to remote locations, away from the crowd.

RIMOR-X: A Yacht for the Future Generation

Take a first look at RIMOR-X, a new explorer yacht concept designed by Sturge Design in collaboration with PELORUS.

Condé Nast Traveller Readers’ Choice Awards

Vote for PELORUS in this years Condé Nast Traveller Readers’ Choice Awards 2020

Intrepid Journeys in India

Our co-founder Jimmy Carroll recently journeyed through India’s intrepid wilderness on horseback with clients, meeting expert local guides and staying in bespoke luxury camps.

Extraordinary Places To Stay

Discover incredible hotels, lodges, remote camps, yachts and unique accommodations in incredible locations.

Combating Carbon with Foundation Manager Charlie Drinkwater

Meet our new Foundation Manager and find out more about his conservation initiatives.

Socotra: The Land of Dragons

Join us as we discover the forgotten island of Socotra that is not for the faint hearted.

Planning with Purpose

We continue to craft innovative itineraries for those looking to travel later this year or beyond.

In Every Cloud

A collection of inspirational and positive stories from our network.

Secluded Experiences for the Private Traveller

PELORUS showcase the secluded adventures available to the private traveller looking to avoid crowds, with the help of our Yachting and Private adventures team.

The PELORUS Guide To Travelling Sustainably

Being a responsible traveller means making more informed and conscious choices in every aspect of your trip. Read our top tips on how we can travel sustainably.

Anders La Cour Vahl: For Responsible Arctic tourism

Assistant Director of AECO tells us about this important organisation, the power of procedure and Arctic yacht expedition cruising.

The Most Inspirational Women in British Luxury

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, we celebrate the most influential and inspirational women defining the British luxury sector.

Saudi: The unbinding of a nation

Experiencing the inaugural path of discovery and exploration hitting Saudi Arabia.

5 Adventure-Moons to Take With Your Better Half

Discover our top five life-changing honeymoons experiences, perfect for couples who have a passion for exploring the world together.

PELORUS Voyages: Solomon Islands & Papua New Guinea

PELORUS Co-Founder Jimmy Carroll shares his experience of hosting two recent yacht expeditions in The Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea

DAVOS 2020 : Key Learnings On The Future of Sustainability

Leading the way forward in sustainability within the Travel Industry

Ocean Bottle x PELORUS

PELORUS partners with a ground-breaking sustainable bottle company

Archeology, Heritage & History Aboard SILENTWORLD

We caught up with Michael Gooding, Captain of M/Y SILENTWORLD

Rupert Jones-Warner

We caught up with adventurer Rupert Jones-Warner about summiting Everest, world firsts and his incredible experiences along the way.

Mind, Body and Soul

These transformative travel experiences will help you to relax and unwind in 2020

Top Yacht Toys for 2020

Our list of top yacht toys for 2020

Culture and Conservation in Tahiti

Located in the Pacific Ocean, Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia and represents what many would consider to be true paradise. Verdant, jungle-clad mountains rise dramatically from a…

Top Yachts for an Antarctic Adventure

Experiencing Antarctica by superyacht is unequivocally the best way to discover this otherworldly continent with unrivalled flexibility, total privacy, luxury and world-class service. Revel in the freedom afforded to you…

Our Favourite Luxury Explorer Yachts

Extending the frontier of exploration in style

Seven Worlds, One Unforgettable Experience

Exploring the world responsibly

Louis Rudd’s solo crossing of Antarctica

The first Briton to complete a solo, unsupported crossing of the most unforgiving continent on Earth

Our Top 20 Experiences for 2020

20 extraordinary experiences designed for those seeking something truly different

Pelorus x VistaJet

Discover our exciting new partnership with VistaJet World

IMAGINE: A World Tour

Join this spectacular vessel on her circumnavigation of the world

Kazakhstan: Steppe and Beyond

Pelorus heads to Kazakhstan in Central Asia, exploring an area the size of Scotland in a seven day adventure across the south east

Unique Ski Experiences

Pelorus are on a mission to redefine exploration by offering distinctive and adventurous ski experiences

Winter Charter Inspiration

We have been thinking about destinations that might inspire you to explore this winter

Captains and Crew

What we can do for Captains and crew

Our Top 5 Autumnal Experiences

An ideal season for exploration

6 unforgettable wildlife experiences

These are six memorable wildlife experiences we are currently able to work into our innovative travel experiences

Hodor: A Floating Toy Box for Experiential Travel

An insight into one of the most well stocked support vessels on the water

Heli-biking in Bhutan: A land beyond the sky

Mountains, monasteries and mystery; this wonderfully surprising country boasts an abundance of cultural jewels and pristine landscapes

Untouched sands and stunning reefs in Eritrea

Pelorus heads to Eritrea, East Africa, to dive the incredible reefs around untouched islands within the Dhalak Archipelago

Founder’s note: Experiential travel and children

Families with young children should not shy away from experiential travel – it can be incredibly rewarding

Asymmetrical adventure in Oman

We recently designed a bespoke experience for Financial Times travel journalist Alice Brudenell-Bruce in Oman. Read her story…

Preserving the world one acre at a time

Richard Cuthbert, Director of Conservation at the World Land Trust, on the charity’s Buy an Acre initiative

Founder’s note: Why a military background helps

Attention to detail, contacts in remote places and mitigating risk – these are just a few of the benefits to a military background

ESQUEL, the 105m Expedition Yacht

Introducing ESQUEL, the cutting-edge 105-metre expedition yacht from Oceanco, in collaboration with PELORUS

Climbing with Chan Yuen-Li

On introducing new sports to Malaysia, green technology and world firsts

Adventure and luxury in Oman

We recently took guests deep into the Empty Quarter in Oman. Here’s a video from our experience…

Off-grid luxury camps

A private camp in the middle of nowhere offers an experience that no hotel, lodge or chalet on Earth can match.

Experience tribal immersion

Escape the trappings of 21st-century life by spending time with authentic tribes

2019 travel inspiration (January – June)

New year, new experiences. We’ve put our heads together and come up with 12 adventures for the 12 months of 2019.

2019 travel inspiration (July – December)

Make 2019 a year to remember. We’ve curated an experience for every month of 2019.

Another world at Kachi Lodge

This luxury dome camp on the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia offers a next-level experience

Journey of Discovery

A Scottish road trip is one of the best ways to experience the landscape, culture and cuisine.

Yarrow: “as good as I can do”

In the second part of this series, David Yarrow shares the stories behind 10 of his stand-out images

Into the depths: Hanli Prinsloo

Conservationist and ultimate freediver Hanli Prinsloo on experiencing the world hundreds of feet underwater.

Behind the lens: Marco Grassi

Going in search of the world’s most dramatic landscapes, from Patagonia to the Arctic Circle.

In the shipyard with Heesen Yachts

Director of sales and marketing Mark Cavendish on what makes the Dutch shipyard the undisputed master of the sea

David Yarrow: an eye for detail

In this two-part interview, David Yarrow shares the stories behind 10 of his stand-out images

Founders’ note: The rise of expedition yachting

By working with captains, and utilising a global contact network, PELORUS are enhancing expedition yachting

Sailing against the wind with Wally

When Luca Bassani launched Wally Yachts in 1994, he went where no other yacht designer had dared to go before

Walking to the ends of Earth

Polar explorer Ben Saunders on going where no other man has gone before

What to Pack: cameras

The ultimate cameras to capture your travels and adventures

Ed Stafford: the mindset of an explorer

We ask the Ed Stafford why he puts himself through such mental and physical pain

Travel and adventure inspiration

We’ve compiled 10 travel and adventure experiences to consider this year

The rhino poaching crisis

With Southern Africa’s rhino population in serious peril, the time for helpless indecision has long past

Man of the world

We meet Peter Bellerby, the founder of artisan globemakers Bellerby & Co

Behind the lens: Kirstin Vang

Born and raised on the Faroe Islands, Kirstin captures the untamed beauty of this wild archipelago

Trout fishing in Africa

The waters within Mount Kenya National Park offer a fly fishing experience like no other

Ski and sail in the Arctic Circle

A week on-board Firebird in wild and beautiful Norwegian surroundings

Behind the lens: Finn Beales

On the humbling power of landscapes and why it’s important to remain open to new experiences

PELORUS video showreel

A taste of what to expect from PELORUS in 2018: adventures and expeditions within all seven continents

Climbing with Kenton Cool

The legendary climber explains what draws him back to the mountains time and time again

Night skiing in British Columbia

For those looking to take their skiing to the next level, PELORUS has just the answer: a world-exclusive opportunity

The Skye’s the limit: Sky running

A homage to sky-running in the dramatic surrounds of the Scottish Highlands

Blue Marine Foundation

The charity at the forefront of allowing fish stocks to recover and ecosystems to thrive

The new wave of travel

Here’s why you should be considering a yacht expedition in 2018

PELORUS London launch

Guests join founders Geordie Mackay-Lewis and Jimmy Carroll at the former Royal Geographical Society

Behind the lens: Chris Burkard

The adventure photographer on the value of planning, his greatest lessons, and an ever-growing bucket list