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tribe gathers around fire pit


Experience Tribal Immersion

Pelorus designs experiences that grant special access to certain ceremonies and rituals

Words by Pelorus

There are few better ways to escape the trappings of 21st-century life than by spending time with local tribes; the peoples who have clung onto their traditions and way of life. Often found in the most remote and inaccessible regions, these tribes have carved fascinating lives from their intimate connection to nature and the surroundings.

Working with anthropologists and long-trusted local contacts, we are able to design experiences that grant clients special access to certain ceremonies, festivals, and rituals. This could be bull-jumping with the Hamar in Ethiopia’s Omo Valley; spearfishing with the Korowai community on a remote island in Papua New Guinea; drinking tea with the Kazakh or staying with locals in Mongolia, or dancing with the Mucawana in the unmapped depths of Angola.

Villages are usually hard to reach, perhaps requiring a three-hour hike through thick forest; a boat ride through a maze of water channels; or a two-day drive on rough, dirt roads. The effort, however, is more than worthwhile. At the end of these journeys is the chance to witness and take part in a way of life long lost to the rest of the world.

All experiences and contact with these tribes are carefully considered to ensure minimal intrusion and impact on the traditions and day-to-day running. We want clients to be part of something truly authentic and humbling. Crucially, we also certify that the clients sent to meet and potentially stay with these tribes are acutely aware of the local customs and culture and that they respect the way these people live.

smiling tribal woman wearing a flower headdress colourful celebration wearing headdress, paint and an array of fabrics
almost completely in disguise wearing this outfit made of leaves peaceful yet dramatic scene of man in his boat in the foreground and bellowing smoke in the background


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