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beautiful reflection of the mountains and forest in Lake Carezza, Dolomites


Exploring the Italian Dolomites in a Post-Lockdown World

We’re delighted to be travelling again and leading trips across the planet. Exploring the world is something we all are eager to return to and our co-founders couldn’t stay away for very long. Geordie Mackay-Lewis has recently returned from hiking in the Italian Dolomites, we caught up with him to find out about this incredible destination and what its really like to travel in a post-lockdown. 

Why did you choose the Italian Dolomites for your trip?

We were looking for an adventurous, remote and relaxing experience in Europe. Now that most restrictions have been lifted we were spoiled for choice. The mountains have a very special feel in the summer and are ideal for walking, climbing and paragliding so we were keen to experience somewhere different with a variety of activities whilst making the most of our time.

How did you choose to travel and why did you choose that method of transport?

We flew with British Airways to Venice and spent an amazing 24hrs there before jumping in a vehicle for a 2hr transfer to Alta Badia. Within 30 minutes from Venice Airport, you are in the foothills of the Dolomites and stunning scenery. Door to door from London to total remoteness in the centre of the Dolomites is 4-5 hours which is pretty amazing. Alternatively, you can jump in a Helicopter from the Airport and be there in 30 minutes.

Mountaineering with an incredible view
three men hiking in the dolomites during summer

How did the whole experience of travelling during the Covid-19 pandemic differ from previous trips?

Outside of wearing face masks in the airport and transit, the experience was as good if not better than it was before. Both the UK and Italy have taken the necessary precautions and you feel safe throughout. We spent most of our time outdoors in the mountains and the only other time you need to wear a face mask was entering a restaurant or hotel. The main advantage of travelling now is that you encounter fewer people, so we had much of Venice and the Dolomites completely to ourselves.

Did you have to alter your plans to accommodate safety measures?/ Did you alter your itinerary at all as a result of Covid-19 measures?

We planned the entire experience with the Pelorus COVID-19 policy and local authorities’ advice in mind. The reality was that we didn’t need to alter anything we planned which was fantastic. The guides, transport and accommodation were excellent at ensuring we achieved what we wanted to and in the safest possible way. Operating in a remote environment allows you to properly relax and focus on enjoying the experience.

Dolomites cafe with a view Hikers including co-founder Geordie Mackay-Lewis
Views over the mountains boasting luscious greenery Paraglide and take in these incredible views from above

What were the stand-out moments from your trip?

We always design our experiences to have multiple standout moments each day. The overall scenery is breath-taking and unlike any other mountain range on earth. Peaks appear from nowhere and follow no geological order like others, this coupled with an abundance of mountain pastures and wildflowers creates an extraordinary spectacle. In addition, the Via Ferrata network allows climbers of all abilities to access summits and valleys otherwise out of reach. And finally, paragliding with expert pilots along cliff faces and over glaciers is a life-changing experience.

Why should people travel to the Italian Dolomites and what can Pelorus offer there?

The Dolomites offer so much more experientially and culturally than you would expect. The food is a unique blend of Italian and Austrian with traditional recipes only found in this region and of a quality that is second to none. The history is fascinating, the mountains and passes are littered with old WW1 trenches and battlefields. The guides have incredible stories that bring it all to life, along with the black and white photographs on the walls of the mountain Refugio’s. It has a huge range of activities from hiking, climbing, via Ferrata, rafting, cycling, mountain biking, paragliding, eating, battlefield tours, local wine and the list goes on. The accommodation is world-class with 5* hotels, private chalets, very comfortable Refugios perched on top of summits, it does have it all. I cannot recommend it more for families, couples or groups looking to escape in the summer or as a skiing destination in the winter. I guarantee it will take your breath away.


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