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A family of elephants on an adventure across African plains


Family Wildlife Adventures

After a year of finding comfort in watching our colourful world unravel on screens, or play out across the page of a book, it is now time to bring it to life and explore our natural world through a new lens, on the ultimate family wildlife adventure with Pelorus.

Following the hype of David Attenborough’s new series, A Perfect Planet, there is no time more perfect than now to embark on a unique family wildlife adventure to discover first hand, why our planet is so extraordinary. Although these adventures are designed with families in mind, we understand how you long for relaxation, away from the little ones, or not-so-little ones! This is where our expertise on childcare or activities for teenagers come in, to give you that deserved alone time.

At Pelorus we encourage purposeful travel to enjoy a whole new perspective on the world. After all, there is nothing better than introducing your children to new environments and wildlife. Leave behind home-schooling and instead, involve the family in adventurous conservation projects across the world. To explore more on Pelorus’ efforts in protecting our planet, visit  Pelorus Foundation, our charitable conservation arm.

Although the prospect of travelling is more promising following the roll out of a vaccine, your family’s safety and confidence in travelling is the utmost importance to us. This is why our trips are designed with flexibility in mind. Find out more about our Covid Promise, COVID medical advisor and of course the Pelorus military background.

Wolves & Wild Scandinavian Safari

Isolated far from civilisation, where better to experience the natural world than amidst Northern Norway’s untouched wilderness? Enjoy unique experiences, like chasing the low winter sun in a sled pulled by huskies and intimate encounters with, what appear to the little ones as mythical creatures, wolves. Based in the middle of the action, at the exclusive Wolf Lodge, you will be able to watch them frolic in the snow and listen to their howls.

Helicopter to the Lofoten coast, where if you’re feeling brave, suit up for a chilly dip only to be amazed by the breathtaking sight of orcas swimming beneath you. Ride snowmobiles and quad bikes to viewing spots over the awe inspiring landscapes that surround you before hopping from one luxury lodge to the next and unwind whilst watching the Northern lights dance above, the perfect ending to an adventure-filled day. Embark on a mystical adventure with the family and unravel your own winter wonderland.

Jungles & Madagascan Marine Life

A white-sand, jungle-covered island abuzz with wildlife, Madagascar is a treasure trove for the little adventurers in the family. Embark on a Lemur trekking adventure of the renowned creatures native to the island, bringing DreamWorks’ animated movie Madagascar to life, as you share intimate encounters with your real-life favourite characters. Aid leading scientists in their research into one of the most ecologically significant forests in the world. Top off this unique experience by sleeping suspended over the forest floor, high in the tree canopies.

As a biodiversity hotspot in the Indian ocean, the surrounding waters hold a similar reputation. For a truly unique experience, track magnificent humpback whales by helicopter as you soar above the Madagascan coastline. Home to a thriving underwater world, the diving and snorkelling opportunities are endless. Venture with the family to this exquisite African island and discover first hand why it is so extraordinary.

World First Conservation in Angola

Angola is a picturesque Southern African nation that boasts an impressive wildlife existing across the vast Angolan plains, from labyrinthine river systems to boundless Sub-Saharan desert. Often over looked by tourists, these untouched lands offer the perfect opportunity for children to experience many intimate encounters with majestic creatures. With exclusive access, you will be the first to partake in assisting in the conservation of Angolan elephants.

Take to the skies in helicopters, alongside experts to locate and dart, before landing nearby to collar your elephant. An eye opening experience for the whole family, and particularly interesting for young minds who are becoming increasingly aware of our fragile environments. Embark on a family safari across Angola’s remarkable landscape and unearth their history by foot or 4×4. Snorkel the clear waters of the astounding source lakes of the Cuanavale River, acquainting yourselves with these somewhat bizarre aquatic inhabitants, seen by very few, before spending the night fly-camping amongst the Angolan wilderness.

Polar Bears & True Wilderness in Svalbard

Embark on this extraordinary yacht charter in what is widely considered, the wildlife capital of the Arctic. Svalbard is more than just an isolated archipelago of frozen tundra and northern lights. Wild terrain and imposing glaciers make this Europe’s largest true wilderness destination home incredible wildlife, many of which are rare and endangered – making the whole adventure that little bit more special, especially when for certain periods you and your family will be the most northerly people on earth.

Enjoy spotting polar bears whilst traversing the ice via snowmobile, which teenagers will particularly enjoy, or by dog sled, a magical adventure suitable for the little ones. Take part in the Norwegian Polar Institute’s project and learn to identify the arctic species you come across. Accompany naturalists on the water and enjoy intimate encounters with walrus colonies. Explore an abandoned Russian mining town, evacuated overnight following the Chernobyl disaster. A bizarre yet thought-provoking experience for everyone, before retiring to the warmth of your yacht for evenings of family games on board.

Tagging Minke Whales in Australia

Venture with purpose to the heart of the Great Barrier Reef on board your luxury yacht, for what is an enchanting experience where inquisitive children have the opportunity to meet inquisitive creatures. Broaden your perspective of the natural world and involve yourself in the Queensland based Minke Whale Project, where you will be gathering data and tagging these captivating creatures. Accompanied by a knowledgable guide, they will capture the attention of the little-ones and bring learning to life.

Designed with youngsters in mind, be it snorkelling or diving, we invite little adventurers to broaden their imaginations in this multi-coloured, underwater world as a dive master guides you through the waters for close encounters with these friendly giants. Alongside minke whales, expect to see reef sharks, rays and vibrant corals. Go sustainable reef fishing or explore the reef further, on one of the yacht’s many toys before digesting you findings on the aft-deck or enjoying an alfresco barbecue on a private beach.

Water & Land Safari in Kenya & Tanzania

Kenya and Tanzania’s incredible wildlife offers a unique yacht charter for the family. This stretch of coastline, where African savannah meets the wild Indian Ocean, is sure to unmask a new perspective of Africa for all generations of the family. There are plenty of epic experiences for everyone to enjoy, from dune sandboarding and horseback safaris, to diving dolphin-filled caves and surfing Kenya’s best breaks, to name a few.

Sleep under the stars in your luxury tent ready for sunrise safaris in search of the Big Five. Learn about the incredible work the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust do to rehabilitate orphaned elephants. Venture to the ocean depths and discover shipwrecks which have become home to a vibrant aquatic life, including whale sharks and manta rays. Explore Zanzibar’s intriguing endemic species which occupy this jungle covered island, or dart around the shallows of this sandy slide of paradise on the yacht’s many toys, before unwinding on the aft deck taking in one of Africa’s technicolour sunsets. After all we are determined to make your on board experience as memorable as the scenery on land.

A conservationist in Kenya with his hound

We are proud to involve you and your family in our work with leading conservationists to protect and preserve our world.

The Pelorus Foundation