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sophy Roberts ft iceland

Pelorus in the Press

Financial Times

Read about Financial Times journalist Sophy Roberts’ Icelandic adventure with Pelorus in December – where she set off the beaten track in discovery of the depths of this fascinating country – and in the face of the worst weather in ten years.

Jan 2023

“The aurora borealis came up in front of us: swirls of green, twisting and arcing through the sky. That night, snuggled under warm blankets watching this northern light show play out, we felt about as far from home as it was possible to get.”

In December, Financial Times journalist Sophy Roberts and her family set out to discover the northwest fjords of Iceland, on an ambitious trip treading the feet of poets in times gone by: “I called a travel operator, Pelorus. I explained the book to them, with a request: I didn’t need to follow the poets’ exact path – Auden and MacNeice spent three months in Iceland – but it would be good to lean into the north-west and the spirit of their adventure.”

Pelorus set about planning an incredible trip – as our “expertise […] included setting up pop-up accommodation in ice caves and on glaciers”. 

sophy Roberts ft iceland

“The fjords appeared ahead of us, layered one behind the other in indigoes and chiffon pinks. The basalt cliffs, scarred with scree and avalanches, fell off into a churning sea. The beaches beneath the hairpin bends glittered with ice and driftwood. Occasionally, we’d see a church, or a blood-red farmhouse sharply drawn against the treeless white. As we drove down to the head of one sheltered fjord, the colours changed again: an obsidian sea, spangled lagoons, the frozen cascade of a waterfall, strung with tubes of milky blue.”

Sophy Roberts
Financial Times

Despite the ever-changing itinerary due to challenging weather, the trip was a huge success.

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