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Darrel Day. Kayaking in Antarctica

Pelorus in the Press

Financial Times

How we’ll travel in 2021, epic experiences 

Jan 2021

The Financial Times’ Travel Editor, Tom Robbins, looks at the key trends for the year to come, such as once-in-a-lifetime epic experiences by Pelorus.

“While the majority are likely to return to international travel with baby steps, tour operators report growing numbers of inquiries for full-on “once-in-a-lifetime” adventures. Partly, it seems to be the result of pent-up demand; partly, a sense of needing to take life by the horns before it’s too late.”

“There was already a move towards increasingly adventurous trips, but the pandemic seems to have really accelerated that trend.”

“One key destination for 2021 is Antarctica, where a complete solar eclipse on December 4 is providing another spur to book. Already availability on yachts capable of sailing the region during the austral summer is becoming scarce. ‘Normally not that many yachts go down but next season lots are going and they are all getting booked up,’ says Mackay-Lewis.”

Penguins waddling in Antarctica
Luxury yacht floating between ice sheets in Antarctica Helicopter in Antarctica