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Darrel Day. Kayaking in Antarctica

Pelorus in the Press


A look forward to top trends in the travel industry as we close the door on a challenging 2020.

Dec 2020

Leading travel contributor Angelina Villa-Clarke has just released her essential travel forecast report for 2021. 

“Now, with the prospect of vaccines and new treatments for Covid, there is light at the end of the tunnel and we are slowly emerging out into the world again. So, what will 2021 bring? In the first of my features looking at travel forecasts for 2021, today, I reveal two trends predicted to be on the rise for next year: wellness travel and a new demand for seclusion and privacy.”

Pelorus is built on creating exceptional experiences in remote locations that offer the ultimate in privacy so we were thrilled to share our thoughts on the rise in this trend. 

“Due to recent events, we are are seeing even more demand for this type of travel. We would recommend visiting the islands of northern Norway, the jungles of Costa Rica and the deserts of Namibia for true seclusion. We would also recommend chartering a yacht in the Galapagos or Antarctica for the ultimate in being at one in the wilderness.”

A man explores an ice cave in Svalbard semi-nomadic Himba people silhouette in the sunset
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