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HERO Greenland Harbour Fjords


Greenland’s Enthralling Wilderness and Inuit Traditions

Uncover the otherworldy western coast and ice sheets of Greenland. Peppered with small Inuit communities, this region is blessed with lush valleys, complex fjord systems, vast glaciers and superb nature. Being wonderfully uncrowded and relatively undiscovered, Greenland’s wilderness provides endless excitement and abundant wildlife which will leave you wanting more.

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£13,900 pp*
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7 nights

Commence your adventure in Kangerlussuaq, from where you will fly to Quillissat, better known as Disko Island. This large island in Baffin Bay boasts incredible scenery and exhilarating activities. An Inuit dogsledding experience will result in you receiving your Greenlandic musher’s sledding license. After understanding the sled, harness, whip and life of the dogs, feel the rush and power of the animals as you speed over glaciers and icy fjords from the comfort of your sled. Learn from the driver’s command signs and calls in this unique journey through breath-taking landscapes with the sounds of dogs panting and snow crunching. In the welcoming company of an Inuit guide, hike inland to try your hand at fishing on one of the many Arctic trout rivers. As you fish and soak up your surroundings, a smoker pit will be built for you to indulge in a delicious and traditional heather-smoked trout. As your meal is cooked, take a delightful dip in one of the island’s natural hot springs. Heated up by layers of the Earth’s crust rubbing together, bathing in these toasty waters is the ideal way to relax after your adventure-filled day.

Take a scenic helicopter flight to Uummannaq, a small 12 square km island which exudes Greenlandic character through proud locals and true Inuit culture. Jump aboard a tender and go in search of whales with a world-renowned wildlife dive team. As well as fin, humpback, killer and minke whales, Greenland’s waters are also home to the fantastic narwhals. Spot Uummannaq’s magnificent resident pod and listen to their exhalation as they surface. Prepare to be amazed as you have the opportunity to get in the water with whales for a once in a lifetime experience. For more time at sea, kayak in the calm waters, paddle past looming icebergs which tower ominously high, and absorb the superb visuals that surround.

Continue your adventure to Saqqaq, a small village of 150 inhabitants. Here you’ll be greeted with wonderful isolation in this awe-inspiring setting. For an authentic insight into the Greenlandic way of life, hop on a local vessel to go deep sea fishing for cod and cold water catfish. Any successful catches can be brought back to the chef for a delicious fresh meal. Furthering your cultural experience, join the locals and compete in their brilliant and somewhat amusing Arctic Games. Taught from childhood and inherent to the Inuit culture, the games built the physical and mental skills required for hunting and survival in the harsh Arctic and have kept villages occupied for years during dark winter months.

Eqip Sermia is one of Greenland’s most active glacier, and is an absolute must-see. Entice your senses with the eerie noises radiating from the ice as it splits along crevasses and breaks away from the parent glacier. The explosive crash that follows each calve is an unbelievable moment – a natural phenomenon that will captivate you for hours. After time on the tenders, PELORUS will arrange a heli to fly you to a unique location atop the glacier for a delicious BBQ picnic in this majestic environment.

Take a flight to explore the astounding UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Ilulissat Ice Fjord; an enormous ice sheet that has been studied for over 250 years. Accompanied by an expert guide, embark on a hike through Sermermiut Valley, notice fascinating remains of ancient settlements and enjoy the ever-improving vistas as you travel further across the land. From Ilulissat, venture inland to experience an arctic wildlife safari unlike any other. Traverse over ethereal tundra terrain to enormous populations of musk oxen. Amazingly, Greenland’s vast numbers of these large, endearing beasts originated from just 27 oxen flown from the Northeast. Additionally, head out in search of small caribou herds which migrate long distances annually. With local hunters and guides, learn about their lives and ancestors as you track the herds from ATVs in this exciting overland experience. Keep an eye out for Greenlandic bow hunters who still hunt caribou and ox for food and skins. If you wish to join a hunt, PELORUS can arrange this for you.

Greenland Floating Ice Greenland Sunset Over Ocean
Whale watching Greenland Greenland Iceberg

Your adventure ends in ultimate seclusion; remote camping on the vast Greenland ice sheet. Choose between two wilderness camps which provide all the creature comforts and an award-winning chef to serve you excellent local delicacies. This unforgettable setting is a magical location to witness the famed northern lights. Marvel at their extraordinary beauty as the colours dance against the night sky and fall asleep to the sound of utter silence.

* Prices depend on level of experiences and accommodation. This is based on 2 adults travelling for 7 nights excluding international flights.


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